My Dream Came True - But in a Bad Way

  1. So I've been expecting my 06 Ink Twiggy in the mail for a while now. I havnt been all that excited which means I probably shouldnt have bought it. In the mean time I had this vivid dream last night that when I got the bag it was PURPLE! Like really purple, grape purlple.

    Well low and behold I got the bag today and it was just like my dream. A purple bag! I had an ink City when they first came out and it wasnt nearly as purple as this one. All the authenticating details check out and I had it looked at on authenticate this so I beilieve it is real. But man, not what I expected.

    Is it possible some Ink's are more purple than others? Iether way, I'm not keeping it.
  2. Yes, some inks are more purple than others. I have owned two and both had purples tones to them but one was much more purple than the other.
  3. Live and learn I guess. It seems everytime I try to deviate from my preferred colours (Black, White,Grey, Blue, Red) I'm dissapointed. I would love a bag in every colour of the rainbow but I just dont have enough money and outfits to justify it!
  4. On a side note.....I do find it kinda weird that I literally had a vivid dream about this, not a daydream but a very vivid dream of me opening the package and finding this extremely purple bag!

    When it ACTUALLY happended today I was dumbfounded:shrugs:
  5. Oh noooo I'm so sorry to hear you are disappointed with the color!

    Could you please post a picture of the bag? Maybe if you get some feedback from your fellow tPFers, it might help you with your decision whether to keep it or not...
  6. Pictures are being taken as we speak. Will post soon so you guys can tell me what you think
  7. SpecialK, I'm sorry the bag wasn't what you and hoped. It is certainly disappointing to spend money on something that doesn't work. On the plus side, your current collection (base on your list) sounds fabulous. I can only aspire to have so many great bags!!! :drool:
  8. I can't wait to see the pics. So sorry you are not happy with your twiggy. I love the ink with purple tone.
  9. Sorry to hear that you 're not happy with your purchase.. can't wait to see pics!
  10. Ok, heres some pics. I find it looks a bit more purple irl than in the pics. Let me know what you all think
    IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0149.JPG
  11. That is pretty purple next to your gorgeous black Twiggy, but I don't own an ink so I don't know how purple it actually is IRL. If you don't like it, I suggest you to return it or resell it and get another bbag that you really want.
  12. Aaawww...sorry to hear it didn't work is so gorgeous!!
  13. Oh I LOVE how purple it is. I'm sorry that you were disappointed.
  14. Beside a purple turtleneck to show the colour. This is the only purple thing I have in my wardrobe and other than accenting an all black outfit with say a red bag, I am a pretty matchy matchy girl. At least I know now not to buy Eggplant! :shrugs: