MY Dream Birkin

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  1. Today, the Hermes God smiled on me and I got my dream Birkin! Don't ask how I did it, I am shocked myself! I wore my vintage Hermes scarf with the perfume bottles that I got in Paris in the 90s and a nice jacket and pants, and this guy who works there (I have been going there almost every day for weeks) came up to me and told me I looked perfect and how rare my 30 bicolor birkin was. So of course I told him I was looking for a bigger birkin, and after a little discussion with another SA, they showed me my dream birkin! I wanted black but this is prettier! It is goat skin, I forget the fancy french name (pardon my high school french), size 35, and rouge. I love red, wear it all the time, so I am so glad it is red, and so glad that I didn't buy the orange one I saw last week. Also, it is palladium hw and all my rings are platinum so they go! Excuse the photos, they are not professional quality, and I don't want DH catching me taking photos of yet another bag. It's my money (did a lot of OT when I was younger and had no kids). I sure worked hard for this one!

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  2. congratulations's beautiful
  3. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  4. Another beautiful birkin ~~~~~:love: :love: :love:
  5. BirkinBaby, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Rouge H is the one of the classic house colors of Hermes & oh so sophisticated! :love: It's a wonderful neutral & GREAT alternative to black! I'm so happy for you!!! :amuse:

    Is the leather "Chevre de Coromandel" ?
  6. Fabulous! What a great color.

    How is it that so many people are getting lucky with birkins this week?
  7. People really are getting lucky lately! Beautiful color!
  8. Haha, i was gonna say the same~~~~ :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Me too!
    It's just incredible and you're so fortunate to have found this bag in Chevre!! I chose Rouge H over black for my Trim and I've never regretted it. Again, major cograts!
  10. I adore your birkin. Really love the color...congrats!
  11. Ewwww,.. I love the red,.. wanna trade?:love:
  12. Thanks! When DD isn't standing on my desk taking all the CDs out of the cases and bothering me I will take more photos. The SA said it is goat skin and then some long French name. Could be chevre. It has the spine you were talking about.

    Ok, this is it for me. All the other birkin seekers in NYC can rest easy knowing I am no longer competing with them!

    This is very interesting: one of the SAs said to me as I was leaving, "So did your friend ever get the blue jean birkin?" I didn't know what he was talking about, but it just hit me, isn't our fellow purse forum member Baggaholic looking for a blue jean birkin? Do you think the SAs at Hermes read this forum? That would be hilarious!
  13. Beautiful Birkin! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  14. Congrats! I've had my heart set on a Gold Birkin, but after seeing these Rouges lately, I'm really loving them.
  15. Yowza, nice bag!