My dream birkin at decades but...

  1. It is out of my price range...:sad: is the gorgeous raisin 30 birkin...(some debate about the leather--chevre? togo? but whatever it is it looks perfect to me!!:love:
    is it too much for a used bag ($8500)? would it take forever to get something similar right from the boutique?
  2. yeah I think its too much for a used one. Its about $1,000-$2,000 over priced esp for a 30cm.

    no fun! I have a raisin birkin in togo and I love her!

    I mean you can probably get one on eBay brand new for that price maybe. geez!
  3. Agree Guccigal! I am green with jealousy that you have one!:p I guess I better just put my name on the list or wait patiently to see if a better deal comes along. Thanks for talking some sense into me!
  4. yeah or send them an email with an offer. seriously. that just seems nuts!!

    and I will post pics of her when she gets back from therapy time at the spa.

    She was sent off about 2 weeks ago and I need her back already!
  5. rockerchic, did you ask whether they'll take your kelly + cash? i've been waiting for a raisin chevre kelly 32, kelly 35, HAC 32 or a birkin 35 since about october and none has come through the store . . . . AND they're telling me to be VERY patient.
  6. I sent an offer :shame: but they replied "Sorry, but our prices are not negotatiable, especially on Birkin bags" Oh well....
  7. Oh, that is a great idea!! Let me try that!
  8. Dressage, I just tried that!! Everyone, fingers crossed!! xxxooo
  9. toes too!
  10. I hope that works! have you tried sending an offer to any ones on eBay?

    I know raisin's have slowed but but I hope there is hope!
  11. The raisin ones on e-bay are priced quite a bit higher...that's the most almost reasonable one I've seen! Goodl luck -
  12. yeah I just didn't know since alot of the sellers are sitting on alot of bags if they are willing to get some go at cost or just above it! ya never know! I hope it works!

    tell the decades know someone that met Cameron Silver the owner! just kidding. if only that would help. I have his card somewhere...go to the source!
  13. hope it works out for you!! I've got my fingers crossed.
  14. Keep us posted.

    Did you place your wishes in our "on the hunt" thread. Maybe someone will see it and can link you up to the birkin you want through another boutique.
  15. Fingers crossed from me too! It IS a nice bag! What was the blindstamp on that one? He had a couple of J stamped bags recently, so practically new.