my dream bag...


Nov 13, 2007
Just wanna share this with you loving ladies here... I finally received my dream bag today!!!:yahoo:

Miu Miu Ostrich Vitello Bag...

I saw this bag 2 yrs ago.. I kick myself every time not getting it when it was at overstock for 1,299...

At that time.. i debated for 2 days about getting it.. when i finally decided to get it.. of course.. it sold out.. gone.. i was so sad....... regret so much.. after missing out on this bag.. i was truly afterward if i see something on sale.. i will just buy it and think about it later.. cuz i can always return it.. anyway.. every now and then, i will still think about this bag.. and want to kick myself.. but now.. this baby is in my hand... I figure if i still want the same bag after 2 yrs.. i must luv it so much...

thanks to ebay.. i got my dream bag!!!!


needs to save
Jan 23, 2009
omg... there was a BEAUTIFUL python bag at 57th st..
it has the spring 2010 daisy print on it in pale pale yellow... I think it is in a small small shape of the deerskin turnlock tote..
it was in the window and I was drooling