My Dream Bag! :)

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  1. I finally won my dream bag. I just want to thank my girl cc1013 for looking out for me and finding this great deal. I won my new turquoise leather ergo hobo for $148.50 :yahoo:
    Here she is: (will post more pics when I receive her)
  2. Congratulations :smile:
  3. Yay!!! Congrats!!! That's an awesome bag for an awesome deal!!!!
  4. WOW! Great deal and gorgeous bag!!! :smile:
  5. Wow!!! Great bag at a great price. Everyone is doing really good on ebay this weekend!! Congrats, Ash. Cant wait to see your pictures.
    I won the baby version of your bag - my keyring!!

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  6. Congrats!..........and you outbid me!:P
  7. Congrats on getting your dream bag, Ash! You totally deserve it!
  8. Ooops sorry! Whoops :sweatdrop:
  9. sweet color!
  10. Beautiful! How did you get such a deal? I never see Coach go for that great a price -- at least when I'm looking and now I see two today alone!
  11. wow gorgeous and htf too !
  12. woohoo!! I'm glad you got it!!!
  13. CONGRATS ASH!!! I have both the medium and large turquoise hobos and can't part with either of them. They are just great! I'm so happy you won and even got it at a great deal!!!

  14. Thanks again cc! You are so great to keep an eye out for me. I can't wait to get her!!!
  15. congrats!!! :tup: