my dream bag would be...

  1. As i was walking in the mall today...i had a vision... of my ideal LV... i think a BV in ebene mini-lin would be fabulous and functional for me:heart::heart:!

    Anyone know if it would be possible to SO it?

    what's you're SO dream bag?
  2. I would love to get my hands on a vernis speedy in pomme! :yes:
  3. i want a cherries neverfull gm the bigger cherries with 2 in a bunch hehe
  4. I second that! Totally gorgeous.
  5. i want Olympe!!its MYR10000 here...i dun think i can.. :sad:
  6. A bag has to be out for 2+ years before special order requests can be accepted.

    I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see an MC Musette, similar to the Perfo Musette sans the holes! :drool:
  7. Absolutely!!! I would want a Vernis Speedy in every color. :sweatdrop: