My dream bag - trendy cc

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  1. Finally got my dream bag , the trendy cc in the gorgeous camel/nude color from 19k. I’m so in love.
    I actually bought this bag before and had to return it because of defects. I looked at a lot of this season’s trendy cc and noticed they all have creasing in the leather. Seems this seasons lambskin is super soft and delicate and prone to creasing :sad: I was so worried about this and tried to put off buying the bag but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally decided to just go for it and I am so in love.
    do any of you own this seasons trendy or have any input on the trendy in general holding up over time? I want to take the best care of mine so if you have any advice on how to store etc please let me know!

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  2. Someone else should have more info on the questions you asked, but came in to say congrats - what a beautiful bag!
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  3. Aww thank you!! :heart:
  4. yay! You bought it again! You did the same as me with the black one I bought - I returned and then rebought it! Has this one got no creases at all? I still haven’t used mine - I don’t know why! I’m too scared to!
  5. Oh my ! I was wondering how you’re doing with your new bag :smile:
    So there was none at any boutiques in my state so I had to order over the phone again and couldn’t be there to check creases :sad: this one doesn’t have any defect but it does have creases on the back where the flap naturally folds when you open the bag. I wish I could have found one without creases but I do know that over time the crease will appear in that area anyway. So I’m just going to try to enjoy the bag and not worry about the creases so much!
    I hope I won’t be too scared to wear it! It’s too expensive and beautiful to sit in the closet :smile:
  6. she cute
  7. Absolutely! I think it’s just because I haven’t had an occasion to use it. Lately I’ve either been at work or when my 3 year old son so I’ve just been reaching for either my work bag or a casual less expensive crossbody. I’m sure I’ll start using it over the holidays x
  8. Thank you for posting this beautiful picture!!! I go back and forth on wanting to purchase the Trendy CC. Not because they are in lamb, but because of the plate on top. However, when I saw this color on this bag:love::love::love::love:. It's absolutley stunning!! I had no idea about the creasing issue, but WOWWWWWW:hbeat::hbeat: what a beauty!!! Congrats and feel free to post pics in the "Chanels in action" section;)
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  9. Gorgeous color for a Trendy CC.
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  10. Oh I completely understand! I also have a toddler and I don’t plan on using this bag when I’m with him . this bag is so delicate that I’m going to have to baby it and I can’t babysit my bag when I’m with my son! Lol.
    Do you notice creasing starting on the back of your bag where the flap opens and closes?
  11. Oh really?! On the preloved ones I saw , the plate doesn’t seem to wear too badly. I have the protective sticker on mine and might keep it on for a while :smile:
    Yes the creasing issue with this particular season is really bad but usually they don’t seem to have this issue so maybe when you’re ready to get a trendy you’ll find a better one!
  12. I confess I’ve still got the felt on mine since I bought it for the second time, so I haven’t even opened it properly to notice the creases on the top!! I do know what you mean about it creasing easily though. When I rub my finger across the lambskin quilts they sort of crease. It’s definitely not the shiny smooth lambskin I’ve seen before. Mine almost reminds me of satin!
  13. Congrats, what a gorgeous bag! I have a pink Trendy from a couple of seasons ago and absolutely love it and haven’t noticed the creasing issue, although I feel like I have to be a bit more careful with this bag. For that reason, I am looking for a black (maybe preloved) one.
  14. I agree ! It seems to get indentations if I just touch the quilts with the chain but it buffs right out. The creasing on the fold won’t come out though sadly! I definitely see why you would compare it to satin
  15. That’s great that yours hasn’t had creasing! I think the older seasons were more hard wearing