My dream bag...the Nimbus...Do you love it and is a classic?

  1. :heart: love loving the Nimbus! I just want to put my head on it and got to sleep! Do you PFers think it is worth the investment as a longtime classic bag or is it more of a fleeting trend as a LE item?
  2. I feel that this one could be a clasic.
    It's beautiful, and it's got some amazing quality.
  3. i do love the nimbus....that olympe line really grew on me once i saw other tpfers get theirs and posed with it. i think it's a really nice runway bag.
  4. I love the Nimbus ! I'm planning to go see it in a few days at my boutique since they have one in i just hope it's still there! i havent seen it Irl yet but it looks very Chic.
  5. i honestly wouldn't say its a classic in the true sense of the word. the trend for oversized hobos might not last. the only Olympe style that i think is classic - and one i think has a longer shelf-life - is the Cirrus. jmho.
  6. i hope it'll be classic.....!!! i bought Stratus PM in ecru....i'm looking at it right now, haven't used it yet ---- having a tiny bit second thoughts.....
  7. I finally broke down and bught a Nimbus in Ecru a few days ago. I love it! Considering Olimpe Nimbus being a permanet line like vernis, it should have long lasting time as a nice bag.
  8. I think its gorgeous, if I was a woman I wouldnt pass this collection up, I would have to pick at least one lol. Hey if down the road you dont like it, chances of you gettng pretty close to what you paid for it on eBay are proably high since its seasonal... this is of couse the worst case scenerio but I cant see any reason why this bag wouldnt become a classic in 07 when its years from now lol
  9. umm.. No I don`t think it`s a classic (actually all LEs are not "classic" imo) and I generally don`t like this line that much
  10. I love the nimbus, but unfortunately, I feel that the bag designs might get dated after several years.
  11. I think it's a classic... both the material and the style. I love this line and can see myself using these bags for forever... particularly as a Spring bag. They just scream Spring with their quilting and details... so pretty.
  12. i would use it EVERY day! my poor other bags would be sad. tthats the thing... i wouldn't SELL my other bags for it, but if i got it, i wouldn't even use them.

    what a dillema.
  13. I love this line.
  14. I love this line, but I'm not sure if it's classic.
  15. i love it, but i think i'll wait for the new ones in september!