My dream bag, looking at it makes my heart beat fast...

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  1. image-3022320969.jpg
  2. Which one?
  3. Next to my Artsy in the store. They were quick buddies.
  4. Me at home, love her...

  5. Congrats! What SC bag is this?
  6. Thank you! It the SC cherry regular size.
  7. I didn't see it on the site, would you mind sharing the price? Thanks :smile:

  8. Sure. Its sold out on the site, and very limited(8 or less in the US) in the cherry. Pm size is 3950$, and regular is $4650.
  9. This bag is on my wish list. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. Lovely bag, Congrats!
  11. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  12. It is truly a stunning bag and it looks great on you! I love the scarf too....Congrats!
  13. Congratulations...
    I have the one in pm.
    Such a great and lovely color...
  14. I'll try to take additional pics tomorrow with better lighting, but this is without flash.

  15. Oh, it took my breath away...simply gorgeous!!!!