My dream bag just arrived!

  1. I have been dreaming of this bag since I received my white slim flap not too long ago but was delayed because I impulsively ordered the Ergo Scarf Hippie (which I am so glad I did!). I had intended to wait until PCE but the numbers were dwindling fast for the natural so I decided to just take the plunge and pay full price! I don't regret it one bit because I not only love this style but I love this color! It's so gorgeous and so me!! This is the slim flap, item number 10327, which is essentially an Ali but 3" slimmer in depth. It fits everything I need into it without being bulky under my arm! So, here she is all gorgeous and beautiful!! First one is with a flash and second one without:


  2. oh so beautiful. do you know if they had it in any more colors???

    you've got a good collection going now lol
  3. love it!! Congrats, Nice color! enjoy!
  4. Congrats!!!!!
  5. They did have white but I think it might be sold out. There was also whiskey (which is almost gone), natural, black and camel. There are signature ones too in khaki/beet, khaki/gold, khaki/ebony, khaki/white and maybe brown/brown.
  6. congrats!
  7. OH Congrats!! She's divine!:tup:
  8. beautiful!!!
  9. Yes she does, doesn't she? Hey, aren't you also waiting on a magenta bleeker duffle? Will you adopt me? :roflmfao:
  10. Very nice! Can we please get a modeling pic? Pretty please!:woohoo:
  11. Very pretty!!! That will replace your white ali you had to part with. I love the color but sadly couldn't fit all of my stuff in it. So glad you were able to find one though. I would love to find an '06 satchel but I don't think anyone in the US has them anymore.
  12. She is just gorgeous! The Natural is such a nice colour, enjoy!
  13. beautiful bag! congrats!
  14. That bag is gorgeous in the Natural. I own the Ergo Vachetta Hobo in the Natural and it has patinad beautifully. I really think that it is a seasonless color. Congrats on your awesome purchase!
  15. Its just beautiful!:love: Im so happy for you!