My DREAM bag is here!!

  1. Thankyouthankyou ocgirl!!!! Today I recieved a Rouge VIF city, brand new, from ocgirl!!! It's SO GORGEOUS!! She's just perfect in everyway! I wish I could get the colors right in the photos! I've conditioned and waterproofed her and I am taking her out tonight for some pho!! Pics!! Excuse my wet hair lol! I can't wait to wear her in!! Candy a happy girl! :nuts: YUM!
    red1.jpg red2.jpg red3.jpg red4.jpg
  2. congrats! wow I love that shade of red!
  3. congrats! It looks great on you! And you look so happy!
  4. I am SO happy.
  5. It's a beauty! Rouge vif looks great on you candy!
  6. wow the color is amazing!!! :drool: congrats on your dream bag!
  7. It's gorgeous! You DO look happy!!:yes:
  8. She's gorgeous!!! Many congrats xx
  9. gorgeous shade of red. congrats!
  10. i love rvif!! congrats looks great on you!
  11. I love it!! what a delishous looking bag, i want a red bag one day too! :biggrin:
  12. It is soooo beautiful! Rouge Vif is such a gorgeous red. Congrats!!!
  13. Rouge VIF Rocks!! Congrats!!!
  14. The color is amazing. Congrats!
  15. very pretty...all these reds are making me really want one!! congrats!!