My dream bag is ___, BUT...

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  1. Does anyone have a bag they'd love to buy but can't for any non-financial reason? I'm in love with the Manhattan GM but someone in my office has it and carries it every day, so I think it would look silly to carry it as well. What do you all think?
  2. You could use it for non-office stuff.
  3. wow this could def. be an interesting thread to read, lol. I want a neo speedy but am not willing to save up for it, so that's a financial reason, lol. But your situation is fascinating, I would love to hear more. I really think if you like the bag go for it. Have you thought about approaching that person and telling them how much you love her bag and telling her you were thinking of getting one? Perhaps from her reaction you can gauge if she'd mind not being the lone Manhattan gm wearer.
  4. Yes...the Damier Chelsea. I've been in love with this bag for a while and I've had opportunities to buy it for a great deal...but I can't convince myself to actually buy it (so I put it on my "future" wishlist, LOL) because:

    1.) It's just too big for me to use frequently (I'd most likely use it for school or travel, but that's it). I have a Monogram Noe that is smaller than this bag, and I don't even use that because it's just too darn big.
    2.) The zippers extend outside the bag (much like the PH) which annoys me
    3.) I don't like how the canvas on the top extends above the zipper (and it has sharp edges)

    There are other bags that I want like an epi petit noe, cabas piano, large bucket, and a vernis malibu street, but I feel like I already have enough bags (5)...and I don't like buying extra when I know I still have 5 perfectly good ones that will last me a while.

  5. She's really sweet and I don't think she'd mind, but we are two of only three women in our group and it just feels silly to have the same bag. She may be transferring to another office within the year, so maybe I can just wait until then HA!!

    I was just curious if anyone else here held back for this kind of reason?
  6. I like Speedydelivery's idea of approaching the person with the Manhattan GM.

    Right now, my dream bag is the new :heart:Epi Montaigne PM:heart: in black, but I can't justify puchasing it. I have too many bags and not enough space in my closets. I'm hoping it remains in the Epi collection at least through the fall. Perhaps I'll purchase it then.
  7. Great thread.
    Won't mention the name but it's an MC and really fell in love with it. Problem is it has the same name as the woman I used to work with who was a maneater and the most backstabbing beeword I ever encountered. Shivers..just couldn't bring myself to get it.
  8. I always ask if someone I know has the bag I would have bought. But felt funny because I didn't want to be accused of copying or unconfortable because we carry the same bag.
  9. I want the TROMPE L'OEIL POCHETTE!! But I cannot justify buying this bag at all. DH would have a heart attack if I told him I wanted it-let alone bought it
  10. I love the Noe- but I've had a bag like that and it got to be too much opening and closing and opening....
  11. Le Fab-it's too big for my small frame.
  12. I would love a Le Fab in blue, if I could find one in very good condition. If I could be so lucky like Sophia618!
  13. I agree, I'm very small, but I still like the bag... perhaps in the future I can grow another 2 inches lol :shrugs:
  14. I like Onatah but affraid to damage the corner-suede :sad:
  15. I think I would hold back coz I wouldnt want to be labelled as a copy cat or risk looking like a girl-band with same bags. Why not get something else so wouldnt have to wait for a year!! I know I couldnt!LOL
    There are a lot of new gorgeous handhelds that you can use for going to the office - like the epi montaigne and the damier duomo.