My DREAM bag about to go up on eBay, Rouge 03' city.

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  1. I know the seller and she is listing it at $2000 for 10 days to gain some traffic to her store, which is brilliant...
    but most importantly, WTH?!
    I want this bag sooooo much, I'm not even interested in ANY other b-Bags... but $2000 makes me want to :sick: .
  2. wow, she is starting the bids at $2000??
  3. Yes!!!
    It's a form of advertisement for her eBay store too... and if someone is willing to pay all the better...
  4. Woah, that's a lot of dough - it looks so worn. But she's still gorgeous.
  5. winona, that's a beautiful red! I'm sensing she's not doing a BIN?
  6. No, she wants it up for the 10 days.
    I may have to round up some cash? I don't know, I have 10 days at least ;)
    I just think, you know, another one WILL come up for less...why rush.
    At the same time?
    I WANT that bag NOW, it's my one and only.
    Then I can move back to being obsessed with clothing!!

  7. OMG .... winona !!!! Is this red city in eBay now ? You know I'd mostly like to "trade" my '03 rouge/red Twiggy with a/this City . . . but I cannot find it on eBay ?! :sad::shame:
  8. It's beautiful!!! But, $2000? Wow. It's gorgeous, though!
  9. It's not on eBay yet First Class ;):graucho:
    It will be.
    She is a consignment store too, so she can't take trades, she is selling it for her client.
  10. This is the same one that was listed along with the caramel, no? I thought it sold?

  11. Oh I see :sad: ! So I haven't any chances to get it :cry: . . . thank you winona for letting us know !
  12. No. I thought they looked identical too!
  13. Amour, yeah I knew that ;) I remember you PM'ing me about it not being there yet!
  14. AMOUR!!!! :lol:
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