my drawstring broke....

  1. on my mono noe which i have had for over 9 years...does anyone know if can i buy a replacement or would they give me one if i call the toll free number?
    thanks in advance for your input:yes:
  2. You can purchase a replacement from the boutique.
  3. thank you know how much?
  4. i think it's about $30
  5. I've seen pictures of some of the ladies replacing the cord with a bandeau. Adds a fresh new look to the bag.
  6. I love the look of the Noe with the bandeaus! So pretty!!
  7. :yes: , but as others said you can get a replacement pretty cheap.
  8. but hte replacement wont be the same color as her vancheta has already aged. see if by lock u can find something online. if not the scarf idea is cut .
  9. Sorry about your bag. Good to know you can get the leather string replaced, often wondered that myself.
  10. :yes: . I've replaced mine with a bandeau. It's easier to get in and out of.
  11. a scarf will be the solution until the draw string has some patina..
  12. Wow.. that's still amazing that it's been in service for 9 years - a well loved noe ! :yes:
  13. definitely well-loved. Let us know what you decide to do!
  14. wow...i never even thought about a bandeau thank you all for your ideas:yes:
    and yes it is well loved was my first LV :rolleyes: