My Downtown should be here tomorrow!!!!

  1. :yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo:

    Ok I shouldn't party too soon,but according the the UPS website my bag should be here tomorrow. I shall be here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall I hope nothing untoward happens!!

    i'm not going to sleep well tonight...
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see which colour. :smile:
  3. Congrats...yes, please tell us which color!
  4. Woo-hoo! :woohoo:Can't wait to see it. You are going to love the Downtown!!!!
  5. Boooooooooooooooooooooooring...with me it's always one of three colours. Black,brown,tan or ecru (not that the downtown comes in ecru or tan.)

    This time,as so often,it's the black medium calfskin.

    I will post a pic ASAP!!

    (My inlaws are around tomorrow so I may not be able to display bizarre behaviour like photographing my bags).
  6. Lol, just do it on the sly! :ninja: Sneak in the bathroom and snap a couple shots in the mirror... :okay:
  7. Congrats cant wait to see pics!
  8. Can't wait to see your pictures!
  9. Congratulations. Don't you just love UPS... and FedEx......and DHL......... and...Looking forward to your Downtown pictures. Black is classic not boring!
  10. Thanks,I think it's classic too :smile:. It's quarter to 6 in the morning and my baby woke me...LOL...but I'm sooo excited!! Hope I don't have to wait all day...
  11. Congrats! Hope you get your bag soon!
  12. I hate them!! :cursing::hysteric::boxing::mad::censor::lecture::noggin::bagslap:

    It's 16h00 and they still haven't come!! According to their office they could come until 18hoo.

    Help me hope that PHH doesn't come home early because his parents are here...LOL!!
  13. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pics.
  14. Pics! Please!
  15. It's arrived LOL! There are piccies in my other thread :p.