My Downtown is here!!

  1. Oh happy happy joy joy :yahoo:

    I'll get to taking some pics directly!
  2. Congrats! Can you check the back of your inside tag and tell me if there is a dot between the 2 sets of serial numbers? I got mine from bluefly and just want to make sure it is authentic before i take the paper tag off. Thanks so much!
  3. Mine's from Bluefly too - which one did you get? I got the large chocolate (or is it dark brown?)

    I just looked. No dot between the two sets of numbers. Do you have a picture of your tag? We can compare.
  4. I got the black downtown (should be the medium but the bluefly description is "large"). Mine came without the dustbag and seems a bit slouchy. I tried taking pictures but they all came out so blurry. How is yours?
  5. One more question, do the back of your zippers say "lampo" or has "YSL" logo?
  6. no dot


    btw, you can't rely on bluefly's descriptions of size (i have noticed both the medium and the large described as "large") -- you need to go by the dimensions. it would be obvious if you got the large because it's so tall (16").
  7. I have snapped a few pics, don't know how good they are! Uploading now.

    Kicksarefortwids...thanks for clarifying. I definitely have the medium size, then - the large is way too north-south for my tastes.

    crazy4purse...I read a few threads re Bluefly. My bag was shipped in a clear plastic ziplock bag, with the black YSL dustbag inside the purse. The top zipper tabs have the YSL logo stamped on them, but the front pocket zippers do not.

  8. Alright here are some modeling pics - I'll update in the resource library too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Yay! :yahoo:Congrats on your Downtown, FanAddict. It's such a great bag, and it looks terrific on you. Enjoy!!!
  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]Here are some pictures of my downtown from Bluefly. Please help me check authenticity! Thanks everyone!
  11. More pictures![​IMG]
  12. ^ I'll have to go sneak a peek at mine this evening, but the leather and the slouchiness is looks about right. The bag is really soft, so it will slouch. I'll have to take a closer look at the tag when I get home. And, the zippers do say "Lampo" on mine.
  13. I just realized that the regular leather Downtown only has a pocket on ONE SIDE.


    My patent leather Downtown and this ostrich Downtown from the celebs thread have pockets on BOTH SIDES.... Never thought there was a difference; learn something new every day.

    crazy4purse1.jpg crazy4purse2.jpg YSL Downtown.jpg Ostrich Downtown.jpg
  14. congrats FanAddict,it looks the way,your shirt seems also nice :smile: