My Dove Gray is here but....

  1. ok, I just received my paddy and everything looks great but, the padlock and plate is all scratched up. It looks used. The bag looks new except for the padlock. Could it be used or scratched during shipping? :confused1:

    Other than that I :heart: the bag. There's not a chance I can exchange it since it's sold out.

    Will post pics when I get a chance.
  2. I found a scratch on my padlock when I received my Tobacco Paddy yesterday after a full inspection :sad: . Oh and I found some sort of mark on the bottom of the bag too. Not too bad, but at least it's on the bottom.
  3. That's weird. I would've thought that silver would be an advantage in not showing scratches, but it seems like these locks and their coloring are so very fragile.
  4. Hi!

    Please don't worry - the silver hardware is supposed to look 'scratched' and used.:yes: Mine is exactly the same.

    However, the brass hardware which is oxidised to give it that' dull' finish shouldn't really be scratched on arrival, although it is possible as it is reasonably delicate.:yes:

    The scratched effect kind of gives it the vintage, worn-in look that Chloe is so famed for.:flowers:
  5. newbie i agree with chicky. i dont own any paddy with silver hw myself but from those that ive seen, the silver hw does look a bit scratched up but i thikn the difference between that and the brass ones is that you dont see a differnet color showing up...while as the brass ones will show a darker color when scratched... please correct me if im wrong!
  6. The brass (gold) colour is plated - it's oxidised, which gives it the coating - when this chips, you see a slightly lighter colour underneath.

    The silver doesn't have this plating, therefore, it's scratched (on purpose!) to give it the 'vintage' look, but there's nothing on the silver hardware to 'chip' off like there is with the brass.
    Which is why alot of people prefer the silver.

  7. thanks chicky & jacquelinez, I feel a lot better after reading that.

    Here are my pics:
    Chloe Lock.jpg

    Chloe Paddy Mousse.jpg
  8. The style and beauty of the paddy is that it should look like a beaten up bag :smile: The more used it looks, the more paddy like it is. Of course, not everybody is going to be happy with this look and expect a perfect paddington for there hard earned money, but they are just not made that way! They are quirky and charming and everyone is a tiny bit different, just like us.
    If you like your bags perfect and not in the least bit distressed, then the Paddington is not the bag for you
  9. I also have the Dove that i purchased last march in paris, the padlock does look like that. At first, i thougt it was used, but The Chloe SA said it comes like that. so not to worry ladies, it supposed to look used. Enjoy them!!
  10. Well said hun:flowers:
    Hey, isn't it funny that the more a bag is 'beaten up' the more we pay for it..?:lol:
  11. Perfectly said!! :yes: newbie from the picture you posted, your paddy looks beautiful! :heart:
  12. Now that I know for sure it comes like that, I'm doing the happy dance:yahoo::wlae: Thanks guys.
  13. The silver lock on my aubergine is the same way. I figure if it was a smooth and shiny silver, it would show all imperfections. I love the tarnished silver!!!
  14. I agree totally about the tarnished/scratchy lock... my aubergine is the same as was the mousse I saw in the store. The first metallic I saw was the silver a few months back and it had the tarnished lock too... I thought that one was scratched from use but I know now they are all like that. Makes you less worried about using it with the lock as it won't chip like the brass does.
    You got a beautiful bag and at a steal of a price!
  15. The silver hardware is *designed* to look tarnished. Go to any Chloe shop and check out all Paddies with silver hardware: they are all tarnished. That's the whole point of it.