My Double Jaw Surgery experience in Seoul (The Face Dental)


Feb 11, 2015
Hello everyone, it has been a good 6 months of researching on this platform. Some of yall may see my replies on some threads. Friendships and social groups were forged throughout this whole journey and it would only be right to contribute back to this awesome community.

I'm currently post 10 days after my 2jaw surgery (SSRO) with The Face Dental, under Maxillofacial surgeon Dr Lee Joong Kyou

My Situation

I am a 22 year old Asian male. Ever since my mid teens i realised my super long jaw side profile and flat face. Also i have a square face. I always wanted a boyish more V face. But of course if my face were to be to V it would be girly, i dont wanna look like a butch! So i was researching that i realise i wanted a \_/ face, a slender jaw line with a stronger chin. I also have a low smile so sometimes when I smile I need to smile wide or twitch my upper lips a little so my teeth can be seen.

I do not have an underbite/overbite. My teeth are aligned properly and my teeth are naturally straight. But, my upper set of teeth and the lower are on top of one another. If you google on images of “perfect set of teeth” you will understand that an aligned biting is not both set of teeth on top of one another, but, the upper set of teeth very slightly infront of the lower set. The upper set should slightly cover over the lower set.


Initially i wanted to have my surgery in Taipei since I can communicate with them in Mandarin.I dont want to have a language barrier with a surgeon that is doing such a big operation on me! I have research through taiwanese purseforum aka Some of the taiwanese in the forum actually considered ID hospital! (here)

I started out consulting with DR. XIE MING JI (DR HSIEH). He was kind enough to SKYPE with me and addressed my issue via video conference. He pointed out several more problems i have, which is a LOW SMILE. You may know of a GUMMY SMILE, but a low smile is basically an opposite of that. A gummy smile is basically when the upper jaw is too long, so a lowsmile is when your upper jaw is too short.

Next i also had an email consultation with Dr. Tsai (蔡宗儒). He on the other hand gave a different approach on my situation. As mentioned i have a protruded lower jaw, meaning my lower half of the face is protruded. Hence, he suggest that i enhance my upper-mid face to "balance" and give the face more dimension. Since i am a guy, a more defined and chiseled feature would be more desirable.

The thing with Dr Tsai is that he is NOT a Maxillofacial surgeon, which is why he may detour their patients to do a nose job or cheek implants instead.

Prices in Taiwan.

Definitely lower than prices in Seoul. But its not by a significant amount. I was quoted around USD10,000 for my procedure with Dr Hsieh. With that said i already made my mind and i booked my ticket to Taipei.

Change of Decision

My plane ticket for Taiwan was definitely a hasty choice. As i read through purseforum and gave my replies on Taiwan plastic surgery, i slowly start to understand more on Korean Plastic surgery. I understand the Koreans are best at this trade but its just the language barrier! Many of them have chinese translator and i slowly start to have KAKAOtalk, chat with them and inquire about my situation. Also not to forget i have forge an amazing bond with this community via KAKAOTALK group and with many of their help and support I managed to understand more about Korean Plastic Surgery.

Unlike the Taiwanese doctors that are more fore-coming, the koreans doctors only do a face-to-face consultation with proper CT scans before they can give their accurate assessment. Thats when NYCangel post thread (here) gave me a light on my research on The Face Dental!

Online Assessment with The Face Dental

The thing about them is that they don’t have their own in-house translator. They have Chinese WeChat and also an English translator, but that’s only if you go for a consultation. The Face Dental shares their translator with their affiliated Plastic Surgery clinic (Apgujeong Plastic Surgery), so when it comes to online assessment and enquiry, it is the Head Consultation by the name of JungSook that is answering you. She is Korean but tries her best to text in English (google translated grammar) so just be warned.
My suggestion is just book an appointment in simple English and asks for an English translator at that specific timing and it wouldn’t go wrong!

The Face Dental: Day 1

Upon arrival, the protocol is that I was arranged for CT X-RAY scans, and mugshot photos for the doctor to assess. Everything was very fast and I did a quick consultation with Head Consultant JungSook. We just addressed some of the problems very briefly and settle some administrative work, with the Chinese translator, 蔡璐。

Dr. Lee came and draft out an operative plan as to how he would correct my structure. Although I have an aligned biting, my lower mandibular was indeed excessive. We also discuss about what are my concerns and what is my ideal shape. I am literally a square face, the CT scan states it clearly. But I wanted a “\_/” face, slender jawline but a strong chin. Also, I’ve shown pictures of Sen Mitsuji to further illustrate that I wanted THAT jawline. Of course I emphasised I wanted a more boyish face, like that of Sen Mitsuji, and not a “V” girlish face! I also did a photoshop illustration on my face to explain what exactly am I looking for. I think its important for you guys to do that, and to get your idea across.

We discussed about dissolvable screws and plates the pros and cons of it. It would be 1m ~ 2m more expensive but can carry higher risks and complications. This is why he suggested that if the plates don’t bother, I can get it removed only after 6 months post-surgery. Fees will apply otherwise.

Dr Lee then continued with using a program to adjust and photoshop my jaw into the “golden ratio” lower jaw structure. For example i said about my side profile view. Since my lower jaw was long, it makes my side profile looks flat and undefined. From the side, your nasal bridge should be aligned with your mentolabial sulcus. Dr. Lee's program will fit your face according to such proportions and give you an overall gauge of your results. We discussed about post-operative care, what to expect numbness risks etc etc but all of these I have understood from reading numerous articles and threads so I have been mentally preparing myself since then. Dr. Lee also brought out some of his past patients’ record and drew some of the similar cases and that how it has changed.

My main concerns were –

1. My allergy ( G6P-Deficiency )

G6PD is rare in East Asia. Dr. Lee and the nurses were confused. Back in my home country it was quite common and its treated as not really a big deal. But when I highlighted the fact of G6PD I feel they kind of exaggerated the issue… Saying that they may need to standby blood bank for blood transfusion and even an ambulance to general hospital… It was intense. But what I was worried is that they refuse me, which of course they did not. My painkillers & antibiotics have to be “specially mild” and my post-care have to be “different”. Basically I was treated really well.

2. How it affects my nose

Due to sunken midface, doctor did suggest Leforte 1 forward which is to push the upper jaw forward. I you guys do a quick google on “Leforte 1” Yall will understand that it will cause the nose to be different. Many common cases widen alars and upturned nose(pig)
Doctor did said that my nose will not be upturned but my alars may/will widen abit. But I was like as long it’s not “piggified” I’m satisfied,

3. Sagging and Complications

Immediately doctor brushed this aside stating that I’m young and my skin and fats distribution are elastic and will heal as time goes by. Because I have thick bones structure and uniform nerve-endings, I was a suitable candidate.


I wanted to do IVRO so badly. At first it was agreed to proceed with IVRO. IVRO is an easier procedure compared to SSRO. IVRO clam shuts your mouth for the next 14 days while SSRO just rubberband shut it for 1 week with a wafer to align the biting. However, IVRO is said that there will be no nerves damage (though you are still numb in the chin area) along the lower jawline area. SSRO will have nerves damaged but it is said that the numbness(lower lip to chin) will recover.

Because of my allergies and my painkillers are kept at mild Dr.Lee did dissuade me on IVRO since it will be unbearable and uncomfortable. What swayed and confirmed my decision on SSRO is because Dr Lee said he does more SSRO than IVRO at a ratio of 8:2...

So i did SSRO. As of today, i am definitely reaping the benefits of SSRO. Even though i am numb on my lower lip and chin, most of my lower jaw face area is fine. Also, recovery phrase is much easier. If you are a person that cannot do something as simple as controlling your diet you will go mentally berserk doing IVRO. Because the caving for food is real. If you are coming alone, you have to be very very mentally prepared for IVRO.

I heard one of our friends did it alone, felt so depressed and flew back to her country at day 6. Flew back to Seoul at Day 19.

At the end of the day, I decided on SSRO with 4 areas to be addressed:

- Lower Mid-face Sunken (Side-Profile)
- Lower Mandibular Prognathism
- Low smile
- Slender Jawline with stronger chin
- Re-align Biting

Solution & Cost :

- Upper Jaw forward (3mm)
- Upper Jaw downwards (1mm)
- Lower Jaw backwards (7mm)
- Lower mandible & Chin slightly shaved
- Jaw botox
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Feb 11, 2015
Consultation took around 45 minutes and Doctor left for JungSook to discuss the cost. I am not allowed to reveal the exact price but I can say that Double-Jaw surgery is at W9,500,000 (before taxes) The Face Dental don’t play tourist cards whereby only locals get the cheaper deal. I definitely paid less than W14,000,000, inclusive of 2 nights stay in their 1-bedded ward.

I was so pleased with the price, I didn’t even bother going to EverM. I know Gahee will never give the price JungSook gave. I subsequently paid FULL AMOUNT, I wasn’t asked to pay full but I just wanted to because I trust them!

My operation was set on 14th October 2015.

Falling ill on Day 2

I don’t know why but I fell ill the subsequent day and I was so worried about my surgery the following day!! I went back to the clinic to sign some documents and I told them the nurses assessed me and told me probably because I was too nervous for the surgery or some sort. I thought they would just prescribe me some medicines or Tylenol but no! Together with the translator, JungSook took me to a nearby clinic to be treated! Do normal consultants do that? I was so touched by such a simple gesture. I am alone in a foreign country and I didn’t felt lonely or scared because I’m indeed in safe hands.

However, what sucks is that my operation has to be rescheduled when I’m feeling better after I completed my medication.

My surgery was reschedule to 20th October 2015


Please read my friend’s review on her surgery, she did it with EVERM by the way. Most of the preparations I have follow according to her advice. click here

Post Operation: Day 1

Dr. Kim, the General anaesthesiologist, woke me up. Dizzy and groggy, I was wheeled into my ward. I was constantly trying to breathe out the G.A. Overall, I was just glad to be alive. I was feeling weak but no pain and lots of discomfort from breathing. My whole head was bandaged up and my throat hurts a lot when I tried to swallow. I didn’t have any craving for anything not even thirst for water. After a few minutes Dr. Lee came to see and kept waking me up saying “Surgery is well done!! Wakeup Surgery is well done everything is good!” I was so happy I cried!! I’m just so grateful everything is smooth. Nothing feels better when your doctor affirms that everything is fine.

Because my G.A. is still on, I was dizzy and sleepy for most of the post 6-hours. The first 6 hours was dreadful. Im not allowed to fall asleep and I have to rest at 45 degrees upright, you can’t move much and there is much discomfort. Once im post-op 6 hours, I have some energy to send some simple messages and that was it. The next 12 hours was more excruciating. It very difficult to fall asleep, my bum hurts, breathing is difficult constantly getting choke by phlegm. Painkillers is administered via patient controlled analgesic, the first time I activated, it was great I managed to sleep for the next 2 hours peacefully. But my clogged up phlegm woke me up. Basically I am constantly sleeping and waking up around every 45 minutes. They also drew my blood to test my haemoglobin level.

Post operation: Day 2

The nurse brought me to the main clinic and cleanses my nose with a cottonball and places my wafers and rubberbands on. The wafers are supposed to align my bite together. This was when I adjusted the wafers and noticed that my biting is aligned!! Upper set of teeth slightly covering the lower set! Yes, I can move my jaw freely, I can move my lips and I feel my facial movement. But when I touch my upper jaw, nose, chin and philtrum its mostly numb. After that, I had some visitors, the day was normal, I can walk around the walkway to aid my recovery, nurses gave me different bags of I.V. which includes one with vitamins.

I’m starting to get the hang of breathing and clearing my nose bleeds and phlegm. I forced myself to drink water and take their nutritious meal-replacement drink. It was tough. My throat still swells so badly and every time I try to swallow it hurts. When the throat hurts and rejects the liquid it goes to the windpipe and I begin to choke. When I choke too much my nose starts to bleed again. But I think it’s important to drink more liquid so that the throat heals faster. This is when I recommend anyone going through this surgery to get the Zip-N-Squeeze plastic bag. It is a life saver. It takes some time to get use to and understand how it works on you. Basically I tilted my head backwards leaning on the chair’s headrest, shaft the tiny tube into the mouth and slowly press the liquid out. When I press it out I constantly breathe out so that the liquid don’t choke me. It takes a little getting used to but if you are going through this alone, please get the bags. After every liquid meal, I have to gargle. That’s all about it.

The night on day 2 was another sleepless night. I think the painkillers failed, or I have been immune, or that it’s milder because of my allergies. Sleeping on the bed hurts my tailbone so bad that sleeping on their couch was easier. The bed is rock hard. I thought of staying an addition night but I’m like hell-no; no one can sleep properly on that piece of rock. They also drew my blood to test my haemoglobin level.

Post operation: Day 3

My swelling peaks on this day. Drooling uncontrollable as usual. Nose bleeds significantly improve. I no longer have to wear the bandage for the nose bleeds. Doctor came to assess me one last time. Check on my biting on my wafers, drew my blood to test my haemoglobin level, and that was it. Paid another W35,000 for my medication and I was discharged. Because I was all alone, Jungsook delivered 1 carton of nutritious meal-replacement drink. It was around 25 cans of it. And I have to take 2 cans for every meal.

As for my nose, its indeed turn upturn. its piggified. The funny thing is i think my nose became smaller, my alars have shrunk. But i was extremely concern with the nose and i asked doctor he said its the swelling that is pulling the nose making it upturn. He says give it time to deswell and the nose will drop.

My first night living alone was at a residence called “Apgujeong Residences” just 2 minutes’ walk away from the clinic. What I’m lucky is that this residence provides towels. Small towels. I used this towel, place it underneath my chin (to collect the overwhelming drool) and secure the ends on top of my head with my cap. It works. I don’t have to constantly change my tissue, I don’t have to hold a plate to collect the drool; my hands are free. That night was much better than sleeping in the ward. I sleep and wake up every 2 hours to change my ice pack.

Day 3 – 5
Since I’m off from my I.V. I kept drinking water and its important to monitor the colour of the urine. Choking on liquid is still something common but I stop choking on day 4 when my throat fully heals. I am healing well because I am getting better sleep but swelling is bad. Drooling stops around day 4/5 when I can control my lower lips to close my mouth and also when the throat heals and can swallow the saliva. On day 5 I tried to consume porridge, and I did. It was amazing.

Post 1 week

I’m going for deswelling treatment everyday. Now I have moved back to my usual residence, it’s a goshiwon located right outside Sinsa Exit 5, USD10/Day. This goshiwon is a good 20minutes walk to my clinic. So I made sure I walk everyday to-and-fro to the clinic to aid in deswelling. I’m taking porridge/congee now with fresh fish I got from the local farmer’s market. I brought a blender so I mixed the nutrition drink with 2 scoops of my protein powder (sunwarrior brand).

I can talk normally but its difficult to comprehend because of swelling, my jaw is moving perfectly fine but its difficult to chew. My nerves sensation on my upperjaw is very weak but doctor says its normal. When I touched my face, I’m mainly numb on my philtrum, right side of the nose, right side of the lips and mainly right side of the chin.

As for my nose, i have prepared for the worse that it will remain piggified. i have already consulted with other plastic surgeons to fix my nose if my nose doesnt drop after all the swelling. As of post 1 week, i think my nose have dropped a little. Its not as piggy as when my swelling is at its peak. But it is still bothering.

Overall advice

All in all, upon consultation you should present a photoshop image of yourself to better draft out what you want to look like to the doctor. You may describe this and that but the doctor may paint a different image of yourself compared to what you think!

Also, since Dr.Lee can understand English, I’m kind of regretful not getting an English translator instead. They have English translator, but I didn’t book her. Sometimes along the consultation, your emphasis on some points through your tone cannot be conveyed by the Chinese translator.

Lastly I feel it is so important for the people to like you. At least don’t be a bitXh. You are just one out of many of their patients, but you only will have this 1 doctor. I know it’s their duty to perform well on every patient, but they are not robots. I don’t know how you are going to do it but for me, I was sincere, courteous and I portrayed that I am confident on the work they do. Even after I was discharged and went back to the clinic, JungSook would come up and check on me. Dr. Lee would casually approach and ask for my condition when he coincidentally sees me. The whole setting at the clinic was very casual and flexible.

I will continue to post my progress if yall are interested :biggrin:

Kakao ID: tokuko

These are my b/a. Left are the before :smile:

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Aug 1, 2015
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is reviews like this that helps other people thinking about plastic surgery to get more knowledge. I really appreciate it!! I'm thinking about doing two jaw surgery but I'm hesitant since it has a lot of risks. I look forward to hear more about your experience and hopefully you'll get the face that you wanted :smile: Take care!!


Aug 1, 2015
@blobvy Thanks, there are many post on 2Jaw, some of the more informative ones are by robinrenren, NYCangel, Blasian and partytree. Do look them up. :smile:

I have actually read them all already but thank you anyways :smile: Although reading robinrenren's review makes me a bit worried in a way since he was going to update us but never did. I don't know about his reasons for that but I'm quite sad that he stopped updating us all of sudden :/


Oct 29, 2015
thanks for sharing y our experience, I actually have a crush on Sen Mitsuji! that slim yet strong I'm so happy for you!

I'm considering the face dental now, even more than DAPRS because they're too expensive.

Yes I saw him for the first time just now, did not manage to chat more because my Appointment is up. But can see he is good shape :smile:
The price difference between face dental and daprs is really a lot.but I guess daprs is more reputable considering face dental now too


Feb 11, 2015

Thank you for your support. I've waited for this day to post my final review.

21/11 - Post Op 1 month


I'm very glad to say most of my nerves are back, except for the lower right bottom lips to the right-side of the chin. Other than that small area, all of my facial nerves are back. Mostly are around 95% recovered. The philtrum area probably 80% recovered.

I can smile, laugh talk after the 2nd week. As of now, i can do all of which in ease. Except that i still look abit stiff, like i have lots of botox. lol

As for the inside of the mouth. Whatever that is of the lower jaw is fine. My upperjaw's hard palate and soft palate's nerves have recovered. Except for the upper jaw's outer gum, its is still numb.


Much of my eating has been a problem but i'm getting use to it. I can only open 2 finger's distance and i was told to do more jaw exercises (open and close) and stretch open the mouth bit by bit, which is to be honest quite intimidating.

Today i tried eating soft bone cartilages of chicken.. and i think i did okay. I would say i chew 50% lesser than how i use to. Most of it is just swallowing... I ate ramen and potato chips on my 2nd week, bimbimbap on my 3.5 week, kimchi on my 4th week.

Most of the food get stuck at the lower cheeks so i would always use the chopstick to dig it out. Other than that, i'm pretty getting back on track. As for chunky and crunchy food i think i need to wait a few more weeks. The jaw muscle is very weak now..

Tips on Deswelling

1) Jiljimbang

I know they always say dont go to spa and sauna only after the 1st month. Probably because i'm abit of a rebel, so i went on my 3rd week. I think it helped ALOT in deswelling. But of course please consult your doctor, i persuaded my doctor to agree on it so i went ahead!

Doctor said the main reason why it is discouraged because people may faint after saying in the hot water for too long. I heard from @partytree 's friend who did in EverM, she fainted somewhere and woke up with a dent on the side of her cheek. #truestory so dont say i did not warn you guys

The main reason it helps is simply because it promotes blood circulation. I dip only half of my body and i do simple facial exercises and massages to promote circulation. Also, alot of the facial spas in Korea have infra-red bunks, oxygen capsules, salt mineral sauna, all of which promotes blood circulation and help to detox and is generally good for overall health. Especially after the surgery your body is very traumatized these would help to build up your immunity

2) Facial exercises

I have deswelling treatment everyday in my clinic. The treatment is very simply, its just 20mins where they rest this infra-red machine on your swelling face. My friends have said that it does not really work, i have my doubts on it too. I believe walking is more beneficial.

However, if you were to do this light treament, i advise all of you to do facial exercises to further promote blood circulation and boost the effect of this treatment. I usually just try to move my facial muscles in circular clockwise and anti-clockwise. Dont just sleep in for the 20mins!

Nose and Double Chin

I'm still very concern with my nose. Since my swelling have subsided 70%, there is still probably 30% which is the more stubborn kind of swelling that would very slowly dissipate in the course of the next 2 month...

With my fat face (swelling) and upturned nose i look like a pig! My nose has definitely dropped abit from the first week but it is still quite upturned. My alars are not wide at all, which alot have said will be wider after 2jaw, instead is an upturned nose :sad:

I will wait for my 3rd Month before i decide if i will do a simple tipplasty to fix the piggy-ness.

If you've seen my CT scan above, the huge change would leave the fats no where to go and all of which have now clump down beneath my chin. I am not considering liposuction/acculift at this moment but i will wait for my 3rd month to see how the facial muscles and fats accustom to my new facial structure.

Overall comments

Aftercare in The Face Dental is definitely great. I see my doctor 4 times on my first week after i'm discharged and subsequently weekly until today. As for my results i cannot say much for now because i still feel swelling and bloated but definitely i am pleased that my nerves have mostly recovered promptly and my way of life have gotten back on track.

Removal of stitches and screws were performed by nurses and i would say there is literally zero pain... Yes they removed screws in my gums and it really have no pain believe it or not. lol. The screws i meant the ones that was there for the rubberbands during my first 2 weeks. The screws and plates inside my BONES are still intact. If you want to remove it i believe its 1,500,000W only after 6months ~ 1year.

If you guys want to do corrective double jaw i highly recommend Dr Lee. If you just want to do for aesthetics reason you got to be very in-sync with Dr Lee because you guys may share different opinions of beauty. For my case was a mixture of corrective and aesthetics.

I will be back in Seoul end of February. By that time my swelling should be 95% gone. I will decide if i will do liposuction/nose job. I will update if yall have any questions.

Please do not kakao me. My old account is nolonger in used. If you really want to contact me please leave a personal message thanks.


Feb 11, 2015
thanks for sharing y our experience, I actually have a crush on Sen Mitsuji! that slim yet strong I'm so happy for you!

I'm considering the face dental now, even more than DAPRS because they're too expensive.

Hello, you are only doing a simple FC procedure there are many places to consider. I know of people doing FC with Dr.Lee (The face dental) too. I dont know if he can deliver results but i heard he can be conservative.

So if you expect dramatic results from The Face Dental, you have to emphasise it. Probably ask if the results not as dramatic as you want is revision surgery free of charge... if you say this and they cannot commit they will reject you automatically.

Please draft photoshop version of yourself and ask doctor how many percent can you give me this result. Please be polite ya.. dont be a obnoxious bXtch hahahaha

If they promise you dramatic results, just make sure you write everything nicely on the agreement contract :smile:

If they have promised they will deliver the promise dont worry. But just be prepared that revision only will be 6 months after.

All the best boo~


Nov 13, 2015
Hello, you are only doing a simple FC procedure there are many places to consider. I know of people doing FC with Dr.Lee (The face dental) too. I dont know if he can deliver results but i heard he can be conservative.

So if you expect dramatic results from The Face Dental, you have to emphasise it. Probably ask if the results not as dramatic as you want is revision surgery free of charge... if you say this and they cannot commit they will reject you automatically.

Please draft photoshop version of yourself and ask doctor how many percent can you give me this result. Please be polite ya.. dont be a obnoxious bXtch hahahaha

If they promise you dramatic results, just make sure you write everything nicely on the agreement contract :smile:

If they have promised they will deliver the promise dont worry. But just be prepared that revision only will be 6 months after.

All the best boo~

What do you mean by conservative? :biggrin:

Was Doctor lee firm with you? What was his differing perspectives, in terms of beauty?
Do you feel your look (although a little too early to tell), is vastly improved?