My Double 'Francesco Biasia' gift to myself..

  1. Ok.. so tecnically I didnt break my ban, as I sold two bags and bought these.. :lol:

    Anyway, I bought two Francesco Biasia's. These are my first 'single strap' bags, which I have found to be easier to use, and the Rust Hobo is my first zipped bag ever.

    I love the Rust colour! Thanks to Prada_Psycho for help with that ;). Its not that shiny IRL, and the shade reminds me of Koobas 'Bourbon'. The leather has a distressed effect, and Im a sucker for whip stitching, so I loved the strap design.

    The black one is also easy to carry and I have used it everyday since buying it. I like the floral lining too, just peeking out when you carry it. The silver horn shaped pendant thingy hanging from the drawstring seems to catch peoples eye, as two women said they liked that detail.

    I never really noticed Francesco Biasia before, but they actually have some great designs. Also, the brand is available in the UK :yahoo:, which means no more customs charges, although thats bad news for Gordon Brown, as Im sure I was single handedly paying for his wages with the amount of duty I have been paying for US bags...
  2. I love your FB's!!:tup: I have one myself and I am working on my second. Your black bag in the pic, is that the Gypsy Rain Drawstring? I have been trying to find one like that but I've only been able to find the one with the pockets on the sides.
  3. Woah! Good job, Halzer! Very, very nice. :rochard:
  4. Yes the black is the Gypsy Rain. They do have the same design as my one on, but I think they only have it in Amber, which is a mustard colour. The side pocket one seems to be easy to find though.
  5. Halzer, I love your FB bags. I'm a great fan of this Italian designer. Just a few weeks ago hubby bought me a nice FB set when we were in Bahrain (there's a recently opened Francesco Biasia shop there). The leather is nice and flexible and it's a great bag to fit a lot of stuff in. The matching wallet has brought a lot of comments about the set in general. I really love some of the designs by this designer but not all, some are a bit (forgive me for saying it) 'hooker' style.

    By the way, I'm also following in your footsteps elsewhere.... my Kooba Ada in bourbon arrived yesterday. Wow, what a gorgeous bag!
  6. Hey, girls....I'm just drooling over here at my desk!:drool: I don't know why anyone wouldn't like FB's. I have two older models from about 2 years back, and they wear like iron. The leather is awesome! Our Saks has some new lines that are in the $450 range....they are woven, too, and the colors are to die for....lipstick red, turquoise, and black!
  7. I asked hubby if we could go to Bahrain tomorrow, but he knows I really mean 'can we go to the FB shop tomorrow'. Of course he said no. He knows it's too dangerous. Darn it, I really wanted to try on Halzer's bags!
  8. OMG Mini!!!

    Thats the FB that I have my eye on next!!!! I love the look of it. Does it sit well on the shoulder or is it a 'hand-held' only?

    I want it noooooow!! LOL....I sound like my kids! :lol:

    P.S. Hey! I just checked the Kooba forum. I dont see any pics of that Bourbon Ada Mini! Come on..let us see. LOL...I really love my sand one.
    Im embarressed to admit that I often smell it and once I my whole head inside it an inhaled deeply!!!! Hahahahaah! DH saw me and said it reminded him of the 'Friends' episode when Monica has her head in a turkey!!


  9. Thanks I'll go and look now, yours is soooo pretty!:drool:
  10. Halzer, my bag is the Secret Love 4 with matching wallet. Hubby picked it out. At first it took some getting used to the 'platted' handles on the shoulder (as it feels a bit bobbly), but now I'm used to it. There's plenty of room to wear it on the shoulder but it looks fab hand held too, so it's very versatile. I love this bag. I especially like the clasp, which can be opened one handed just by tugging on the leather tag.

    Nothing on the Kooba forum yet. If truth be told, I bought the Ada without hubby's knowledge, so it's in hiding right now. I'm waiting until he goes out so I can take photographs and then post it. I know I'll have to reveal it to hubby soon (because I'm dying to use it), but I need to choose the right moment. Today is not that moment, he's had a really stressful day at work. I can't get over how much I love this bag. When the box arrived in my office I freaked. The box felt so light, I seriously thought the Ada wasn't in there. When I lifted it out, I didn't need a crane, it doesn't seem heavy at all. As for the leather smell, it keeps making me light headed! Oh dear, visions of you with your head in your Ada have me in hysterics.
  11. Those are great looking bags! Love the rust color. I've had a couple of FB bags and have always found them to be stylish and of very high quality materials and workmanship.
  12. I have the first bag you displayed but in the black color. I remembered seeing the rust color and loved it so much but opted for the black since it goes with more of my wardrobe, but was seriously drooling over the rust color. I am thinking of buying that one too but figured I should wait and buy another style at least. Anyway I LOVE this bag!!! I got it last October and the leather still looks really good. It is a very comfortable and roomy bag and I have gotten a lot of complements on it. One of my favorites!!!
  13. I noticed the new rust color earlier this year. I love the color and the bag is cute also. I don't have any FB but I may check into getting one.
  14. francesco biasia bags are underrated! i've been on the search for a black patent secret love bag since it slipped through my fingers last christmas cry* and now my only hope is hovering around eBay to see if it pops up.
  15. congrats!!