My Dolma City is finally here!

  1. OMG!!:yahoo: This just arrived and it's even more beautiful than I expected! Photos really don't do this colour justice! I'm so in bbag heaven right now:angel: :wlae: LOL!
  2. OOMMMMGGGGG! *faints*

    *revived by bbag fairy* :love: :love: :love:
  3. *passes out*

    That is SO gorgeous!! Congrats and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. accccccccccccckkkkk soooooooo gorgeous!!! You're so lucky, perc! :love:
  5. Thanx girls!! Oh and did I mention the leather is really soft? He he!
  6. It looks soooooo soft, I just wanna reach into the screen and touch it! Congrats perc!
  7. COngrats on your new baby! Your Dolma Green is a beauty. I may have to put Dolma Green on my want list.
  8. Very nice! What year was that color from?
  9. wow, congratulations percephonie, that color green is gorgeous :flowers:
  10. beautiful. you lucky girl.
  11. Dolma is from 2005 :smile:
  12. Omg, I love that green color!! :wtf::love:
  13. Wow.Congratulations Percephonie! The Bag looks so yummy and soft.What a great bag you received.
  14. That is yummy!!! Where'd you find that beauty?
  15. What a nice color! Enjoy it.
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