My dogs just got groomed..........

  1. and they look like aliens! :lol: The groomer cut their bodies short but didn't do anything to their heads- their ears and beards are the same length. Ooh my poor bobbleheads!
    doggies 004.jpg doggies 010.jpg
  2. :lol: They're soo cute!!! I love their little floppy ears!!
  3. So CUTE XD
  4. Oh your babies are so cute :love:
  5. very cute, do they get whiten as well?
  6. I don't think so :shrugs: - but then again who knows what the groomer does to make them look good! :lol:
  7. they're very cute :smile:
  8. awe, they're both too cute & look very confused about their new "do's" :P...mine just got his haircut too & now he's running around like a little crazy man :lol:...does anyone else notice their doggys acting extra feisty after a grooming (?) :shrugs:
  9. :lol: They are adorable!!
  10. Your dogs are so cute!!!!!!
  11. Awww they are too freaken adorable.
  12. Your dogs have such cute faces!

    As for the whitening - I'm not sure about the groomer but my dog doesn't have all her shots so I can't bring her to one yet. The vet told me to wash her with whitening shampoo.
  13. They looks so adorable! :love:
  14. eek! what cute dogs! love their expression! lol:nuts:
  15. Cute!!!!!