My Dogs and Cats!

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  1. Here are pictures of my precious pets!





  2. Awesome!! I love to see everyone else's babies!!!

    Here are my boys: The tabby is Clint (as in Clint Eastwood) and the baby is Sid (as in Sid Vicious).

    Photo_060806_002.jpg Photo_060806_003.jpg
  3. ^
    Clint and Sid are very handsome guys! You are a very lucky mommy!:yes:
  4. Adorable!!!
  5. Thanks Leelee!! Yours are darling as well! What are their names?? Seeing peoples' pets just makes me just can't be in a bad mood around pets... :yes:
  6. Your pets are beautiful and look very contented and much-loved! thanks for sharing.:flowers:
  7. Their names are Kiki, Nellie, Casey, Quinn and Cedello.

    Thanks so much for your kind words!
  8. Very cute!
  9. How sweet! They must bring alot of joy to your life. I just adopted a cat from the Humane Society on Friday and will post her pics soon. She is loveable, fun, happy and I just adore her....and poor little Amy is being spayed today.
  10. They are adorable! They seem very happy!

    I have had my cat Betty for 6 years now. I'll have to introduce her later!
  11. ^^

    Oh, yes, please, ciatta and gr8heart, post your pictures!
  12. So adorable! I just want to snuggle them all!

    I had a dog when I was a teenager that looked like the one in the first picture. Her name was Mitzi.
  13. What a gorgeous family! They look very loved and content.

    Thank you for sharing!
  14. Your dogs are simply beautiful! And I was just telling my DH last night that I don't get how some people hate cats since to me they are the perfect pet. You have a lovely family there!
  15. What beauties you have got there! Thanks for sharing.