My doggie!

  1. I :heart: him. His name is TEX :p

  2. Another picture! He is sad because it was Valentine's Day and he didn't have a girlfriend...other than me, of course.

  3. What a cutie pie!!
  4. Lovely pictures! What kind of dog is he? I love the first one with his little feet sticking sideways.
  5. Thanks Sunshine - not that I'm biased or anything, but I think he's pretty darn cute too ;)

    Danica - he is a husky/chow mix (we THINK). I adopted him from the pound so who knows what kind of mutt he is? And in that first picture, that's how he always "sits"...I call it his frog pose :p
  6. Great pics! He's a real cutie!
  7. Aaaw, he is gorgeous! :love:
  8. He's so cute.
  9. Awwwwww!!!!!:heart:
  10. Great pics. I love the froggy legs in the first one.
  11. Adorable fellow!
  12. He has the sweetest little face!
  13. He is really handsome! And how lucky to have a great home. I'm glad you rescued him!
  14. What a handsome boy you have!!! He appears to have a really expressive face!

    Thank you for sharing the cuteness!
  15. AWWWW. He is so cute. He looks so soft, makes me want to pet him and give him a hug.