My doggie baby is getting dental surgery tomorrow ...

  1. She is old, almost 13 so I worry about her being put under. Even though they say they are using better anesthetics, and her bloodwork came back normal, I have heard horrible stories about older dogs not surviving dental surgery. :crybaby: I am worried about my baby going through the whole thing tomorrow. Please, keep my baby in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks!
  2. aw, travelbug it will be ok. I'll be thinking about him or her tomorrow. My dog is 7 and had dental surgery twice. Once when she was 4 or 5 and once when she was 6. It's the best thing for the dog though. We don't want all their teeth falling out do we?
  3. Not to worry!! I have had real old dogs have this done. She will be a bit tender tomorrow and maybe the next day. I have found that feeding a combo of canned food and baby food (mine prefer the chicken) makes them feel better pronto!! All the best.
  4. We'll be praying for your baby! My Bailey just had it done (he's 10) and he was fine even though he had to get a bunch of teeth pulled (poor little guy!) He eats prescription dry food so we put water in it and let it get all soft and mushy and he ate it just fine. We put his medicine in a piece of cheese and he scarfed it down no problem. *hugs for you and Baby* :flowers:
  5. Aww ... thanks girls! I am afraid she is going to come home with a few teeth missing. Her molar on the left looks really nasty and I am sure it's going to be gone and she will probably have stitches ... I will go get her some baby food so she can be pampered after the surgery.
  6. Everything will be alright! It is very important to maintain oral hygiene in pets, especially older pets, to avoid any future health problems, so what you are doing is really good. I will keep her in my prayers for a quick and speedy recovery!
  7. goodluck, my baby is in getting desex as we speak. lots of tlc
  8. Thanks girls ... I just spoke with the vet. The good news is my baby is awake and doing fine from the surgery. The bad news is her dental diseases are so extensive they couldn't remove 2 molars because there is extensive bone loss and to try to remove them they risked breaking her jaw bones.

    So, she had 3 teeth removed but she will have to go see an animal dental specialist for those 2 molars. :s :sweatdrop: Has anybody had smiliar experience? I just hate having to put her through another round of poking, being put under and not to mention the stitches and pain. She was so scared this morning when I dropped her off she was shaking uncontrollably. :crybaby:
  9. When does she get to come home?
  10. So glad to hear your baby is ok but so sorry to hear she has to have more done. Bailey had to get 16 teeth removed but now a few weeks later he is doing so well. Hang in there! it will be ok! We'll be praying for you both. :flowers:
  11. That's the other thing ... they told me to drop her off by 9am in the morning and the surgery would be in late morning or early afternoon. I waited until 3 and called them, well, they hadn't even started on her. By the time she got out it was 630pm. They wanted to keep her for observation overnight :crybaby:

    So my poor baby is all by herself, probably in a cage. I hope she is sleeping through the night and I will go get her as soon as they call me in the morning.
  12. Hope she's doing better today! :flowers:
  13. Hey Heather, thanks for checking on us. She didn't look very happy when I picked her up this morning. They said she wouldn't eat, even when they gave her 3 different brands of soft food. I wonder if she drank either as the first thing she did when she got home was drinking water. She was starving so I fed her her soft food mixed in with baby food (chicken flavor). She loved it so much she wanted more! She's not as 'sharp' as usual but she is sleeping a lot now. I know she hated staying at the vet overnight, the stress of being locked up in a cage surrounded by other animals, not to mention sick and whiny ones ...

    I am sure she will feel better and hopefully back to her old self soon! Thanks again.
  14. I'm late to this thread, but I'm such an animal lover. I'm so sorry your baby was so stressed by being at the vet so long. Stressful for you too, right?! You must take very good care of her if she's 13. That's pretty old for a dog--you are doing a lot of things right for her. Best wishes for her improving.
  15. Hey Travel, hows she doing? Hope everything is going well! :flowers: