MY DOGGIE ate the strap of my brand new gg sandals!!!

  1. do you think gucci can fix it? I don't care if I have to pay to get them fixed but I don't want to buy new ones!!! thanks
  2. oh he chewed t[​IMG]he strap that connects the thong to the actual shoe, right below the gg it is completely off, I'll try to take pics
  3. omg! awwwwwww bad doggie!:cursing: its such a pretty sandals!!!
  4. awwwwwwww! im so sorry! i know how excited u were baout those!! send it to gucci they might be able to fix it! My teal gucci stileetos...the heel came off (yeah it was funny i thought i was in sex and the city because i was at a club and my heel came out haha how ironic?)
    and they fixed it no problem! :smile:

  5. OMG, bad doggie! Definitely call up Gucci and see what they can do for you... if they can't help, then contact a good cobbler.
  6. omg your dog is too cute! Jimmy from the orlando gucci actually gave me a card to the place where they send their repairs to... I hope he wasn't just yanking my chain or anything but the card says:

    shoe - handbag - leather repair: Rago Brothers (Thomas and Anthony Rago)
    142 Speedwell Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960

    hope that helps. u should def contact gucci first! gl!
  7. OMG!!! I am so sorry. I hope they can be fixed. Good Luck!!!
  8. ur dog reminds me of mine when he was a puppy. He chewed 3 of my sandals and 2 of my shoes :cursing:. But ur dog is cute tho :p. Hopefully gucci will be able to fix it. goodluck!
  9. omg haha thats so cute but bad for you :sad: did you punish your dog? poor doggie...he has "EXPENSIVE TASTE" hahahaha :p ok, jokes over and all, i think gucci will fix it. they'll probably get you to pay for it but i definitely think its fixable!
  10. I am sorry that this happened. Hopefuly Gucci can fix it for you!
  11. I really want to laugh but i can imagine how upset you must be... I'm so sorry that happened!
  12. don't blame your dog. he's so cute, and he's a dog! hopefully they'd fix it up at gucci. then, keep your shoes away from the dog ok!!!

    good luck =)
  13. thanks girls!yeah I know it's my fault because I left them out, can't punish him,he's just a baby! anyway yeah I'm gonna send them in, also how much do you think they will charge me?
  14. Your dog must be thinking this when he was chewing the GG sandals,

    "Italian food! Yummy."

    Good luck.
  15. your dog has "expensive taste!"