my dog won't eat dry food anymore..

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  1. My dog was vomiting a lot yesterday so we took her to the vet and they gave her some shots and a few cans of wet food. I gave her a little bit (she vomited again after eating the wet food, so I called a friend over and he gave my pug some Peptol Bismol and she's fine today). She drank a tiny bit of water after that but didn't touch her kibbles last night.

    Now she won't eat her kibbles! She had quite an appetite when I tested her with more wet food, but how do I get her to go back to dry food?
  2. Try mixing the dry and wet food together at first, and then cutting back on the wet.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I tried it but she picks out the wet food and leaves the dry food.

    And great, now she won't drink water! She hasn't drank all day since she was vomiting and I'm worried she'll dehydrate! anyone???
  4. You can also try to add in some plain yogurt and mix it with the kibbles :yes: its good for them and they love it

    edit: if she still dosnt want to drink by tomorrow id call the vet again. You cant force her to drink, and she'll eat when shes ready, but the vet should know whats going on so s/he can offer you advice
  5. my papillon puppy is very very picky about his food too. i don't worry too much about it though - just leave his food out and he will eat it in due time when he is hungry. they won't starve themselves to death. there's this appetite stimulant gel called nutri-cal that you can get from the vet or petsmart (much cheaper at petsmart). give him a little dab of the nutri-cal, which should whet his appetite, and then he'll most likely eat some kibble (reluctantly but food is food).
  6. my yorkie wont eat her dog food, only a few tiny bit when she is really really hungry. so i have to feed her plain chicken or plain boiled pork.
  7. Mine won't eat plain dry. I have to mix wet and dry together.
  8. Pour som water over the kibbles and let it soak in untill det food is soft. That way she gets it "wet" and she "drinks" water. It's also better for the stomach.
  9. your also worried about her not eating dry food for one day hunny. we all love our puppies, but she probably just still doesnt feel well. as for eating the dry food, try mixing it with chicken or beef stock, gravy or yogurt.

    When my puppy has a tummy ache i usually give her rice.
  10. Well, the good thing is that if she is eating the wet food, she is getting some hydration from that.
  11. One of my pugs won't eat plain dry food. We have to mix chicken in for her to eat, otherwise she would probably just go hungry. We buy the canned white meat chicken. It's nasty stuff, but they love it. The canned chicken also has a lot of water and chicken juice in it so we dribble some on over the kibble to give it some flavor.

    If she is not eating or drinking water and still vomiting, I'd definitely take her back to the vet. I hope your baby is feeling better soon!
  12. One day is not enough for her to feel well enough to eat her dry food. My dog had a vomiting problem for about a week. We fed her boiled hamburger and rice for a couple of weeks to settle her stomach, then the vet told me to get food for sensitive tummies. I was told lamb and rice was best for sensitive dogs, so I am now feeding her California Natural Lamb & Rice. She's all better now.
  13. Great recommendation! You can also try the 'bland diet' until her stomach recovers. Bland diet is either boiled chicken and rice or hamburger meat and rice. If she goes more than 24 hours without eating or drinking, send her back to the vet ASAP. Not eating isn't as big of a deal and the not drinking!
  14. Agree, tummy is probably still upset and soaking the kibble makes the aroma come out and be more appetizing. Only worry about not eating if the dog is very small, is already sick, young or old. In fact it is a bad idea to try to feed a dog that doesn't want to eat. A day long fast is fine.

    Do you know how to check for dehydration? One way is to pull the neck skin up. If dog is fine the skin goes right back down, if getting dehydrated the skin stays up.

    I tried giving my dog pepto bismol a couple times. What a mess! It does strange and icky things to the stool so be prepared. I found canned pumpkin really helps icky poo and my dogs adore it. Of course that may not be an issue here, that is why I tried the pepto bismol though.

    You could make pupsicles with any combination of pumpkin, yogurt, broth, the bland food blended whatever you have on hand to get her crunching again. I make thin layers, maybe in a baking pan so I can just break the mixture up into small pieces that can be crunched fast.

    How is she doing today?
  15. Dry food is bad for dogs and cats. The best diet is a raw diet. Feed a good quality canned (Wellness, Nature's Variety or the like) if you don't feel comfortable feeding raw. Your dog will live a longer, healthier, happier life.