my dog whines but doesn't bark

  1. who else has a dog who does this?
    any whiners out there?
    most people think its odd when they come over. I've only heard her bark a few times ever and that was only at a toy when she was young.
  2. My dog whines and barks, but the really funny thing she does is grunts. she makes this funny grunting noise that I've never heard another dog do.
  3. My current Dal didn't make a sound for several months after we got him. I even took him to the vet thinking that he was mute. Now he is quite vocal-maybe it's just a phase
  4. My new puppy, Charlie, whines when he wants to go out, if he smells something good cooking in kitchen, when he wants to be petted...oy - it never ends. I'm hoping it's a phase too. He's only four months old. Maybe he's got a premonition that he's getting neutered this Friday!;)
  5. What kind of dog is she? I've heard that some breeds don't bark at all. I think Chows are like that.
  6. My Ripley is a beagle/basset, and she whines all the time when she's in the car, and a lot of the time when she is in her crate. She barks occasionally, and when she does it's a really low WOOF.
  7. I think my dog had her vocal cords cut. But I haven't been able to verify. So she sounds like she's been smoking for a few (20) years. She was show doggie and I got her that way. Don't get me started.
  8. my dogs whine when they want to go potty outside.
  9. mine does when he knows he's going for a walk--and he's 9 yrs old!!!!
  10. That's horrible! She's lucky she's got you to take care of her now.
  11. mine whines mostly...she is a morkie....I've only heard her bark like 3 times??? and she is 10 months old...I have heard some dogs don't bark though....
  12. mine loves to bark at people and whine for attention.....but she also always makes this strange noise that sounds like a cross between a pig and a frog :confused1:
  13. my dog is a shihtzu, and she's a girl.
  14. I have a rescue Beagle that was abused badly. He doesn't bark because the loud noise scares him. Perhaps your dog doesn't like loud noises either?
  15. I have a chihuahua mix that mostly whines to express herself. I've only heard her bark only 4 or 5 times in the 18 months we have had her. She's 3 1/2 years old, so I think that's just how she is. Personally we love that she's not a barker.
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