My Dog Was Bitten by a Tick!!

  1. Our dog had a tick a couple of years ago and we tried an old remedy that really worked. You simply smother the area with vaseline - this causes the tick to suffocate and then it just drops off!

    Only problem is if the dog develops a liking for vaseline and licks it off !
  2. I live in NE US and there are ticks everywhere. We use Frontline and my dogs are regularly vaccinated against lyme disease.

    My older dog got lyme disease when he was only a little puppy (despite flea and tick collar) -- cost me thousands before they could figure out the diagnosis. I thought he was dying. It was awful. His back legs wouldn't work and he would literally scream in pain if you touched him. The doc prescribed human morphine until he diagnosed it.
  3. :hugs:oh princessme, i'm so sorry about what happened to april :sad: is she better? i barely saw this thread today and i was so stunned. my aunt moved from california to oklahoma & since the move they've encountered lots of tick problems from the country (lotsa cows, deers & horses) but i know they use revolution (from vet) and my aunt did pluck a few ticks off their chi's and cocker spaniels already but the vet said they're fine.

    my aunt put vaseline on the tweasers and plucked, had cottonballs of alcohol ready just to swipe at wounded area, then scheduled vet appt.

    it's good that you took april to vet right away, i'm so sorry and i hope you and april are doing much better. i'm going to read the rest of this thread now if there's any updates...
    my thoughts & prayers are w/you both.:heart:
  4. :sad: lulilu, i'm so sorry about your story. that is really sad about your dog screaming in pain but i'm happy to hear the vet could give him a pain killer to relieve the poor thing :sad: is he better?
    i hope so & my heart goes out to your dog as well :heart:
    i hate it when our animals suffer, it really makes me so so sad.
  5. So, my dog has recently been bitten by a tick and my mom is a vet tech, and told me to check my other dogs for them and get frotline plus and to give her a bath before you put in frotline. HOPES that helps! :woohoo:
  6. It's only a tick. They are all over the place. You don't need to wash everything in hot water because they don't live in your home - they live outside.
    I was surprised to hear that you are not already using Frontline, especially because you mentioned that you have a house in the country too. Have you never protected your dog against fleas & ticks? I thought that most vets these days recommended a routine course of flea/tick prevention?
    Anyways, I'm sure that your dog will be just fine. It's good that you followed up with your vet:smile:
  7. Just noticed this thread is 4 years old.
  8. Ugh! Thanks for pointing that out, Cindi. I hate it when I post in ancient threads...:weird: