My dog, my friend gone :(

  1. :crybaby: I made the decision this past Tuesday, Jan 30th. My beautiful 15 year old black Lab named Lamas could not get up by himself anymore (and had many more problems). Now, he's sleeping peacefully in dog heaven. From there, hopefully he can see us and watch over us. This is the first loss of a loved family member for me. I've never felt like this before, it feels horrible. My husband and I have already built a memorial site for Lamas in our yard. My other doggie, Nicky, who considered Lamas as a father, is doing very well. Nicky has the energy of both and is taking it better than me...

    My family and friends have been very supportive. It's so hard for many of us to have to take these difficult decisions for the benefit of our loved ones--our pets, so they don't suffer anymore.

    Thanks for letting me vent in this forum.
  2. Oh gg, I am so so sorry .... my baby is 13 and I can't imagine having to do what you did for yours. Bless your heart for putting his needs and interest before yours, he had a great life and you were a great mommy to him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and DH ... <<<HUGS>>>
  3. So sorry. I know too well how you feel right now. We lost our beloved Sam last month after his 3 year long battle with hepatitis and he was only 6 when we made the decision. He was violently ill at the time, so making the decision was the kindest thing for him. Though we miss him terribly, we have a new family member that joined us last week. Gracie can't and won't ever replace our Sam, but she is helping us move forward and remember all the things we loved about Sam.

    I always suggest making a resident page at Rainbows Bridge when someone loses a precious furry family member. It's very cathartic and helps you remember your fur baby in a warm, happy way. Feel free to click on the link in my signature line if you are interested in doing this for Lamas (and your family). :heart:
  4. Bigs hugs to you. Im so sorry. My heart just broke reading that. :crybaby: :crybaby: I will be thinking of you.
  5. oh, i'm so sorry. but you did what was best for him.

    when i was 16, we had to put my cat down that i had my entire life (neighbor left out lawn chemicals and he got into them). it was the toughest thing to do, but we all knew we had to love him enough to say goodbye.

    so sorry for your lose. reading that made me tear up. :crybaby:
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*
  7. i am so sorry.... be strong. Lamas is resting in peace now in puppy heaven... along with my pup.

    When I was little (about 10 years old), my pup died, and it was the saddest moment in my life. i remember crying for days. I was so sad that my mom said that she had to drag me to school. up til now, if i talk about my pup, i start crying... i dont know why... but i know he is up in puppy heaven watching over me.
  8. Oh I am so sorry I have been there many times with the loss of great dog friends, I understand. You will never forget your dear friend but I am glad that you still have one loving friend left. he will give you the love & consolation that you sorely need at this time! I so hope there is a doggie heaven, I will have many friends waiting for me!
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. He never would've made it to 14 (!) if you hadn't taken such wonderful care of him. I know it's hard to believe he's gone, but he's waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for you and he's pain-free now.:crybaby: You did the right thing, but it's so very sad.

  10. I thank all of you for the kind words and sad stories you posted :crybaby: . I appreciate it.
  11. Understand how you feel... Lost my 15 years old Lab Felix last November...
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  12. So very sorry to hear of your loss. My Brittany spaniel has horrible arthritis, and it won't be long now for us.
  13. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your beloved Lamas. :sad: Losing a pet is so difficult. It is very evident how loved Lamas was--that is the most precious gift in the world!

    You did the right thing--when our pets are no longer enjoying life, the kindest thing we can do is set them free from their ailing bodies. I understand how very, very hard this is--I had to say goodbye to my beloved Border Collie cross this past summer. She was the best friend I have ever had.

    Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself the time you need to grieve. (((HUGS!))
  14. Such a difficult time for you! Losing a pet is absolutely thoughts are w/ you and your family. Take the time to mourn, a dog is a part of your family - no more no less. Big hugs!!