My dog loves my Turnlock Bowler moss new bag! PICS and review

  1. This bag is amazing so soft and cute! the green color is amazing the only problem i had was that it sometimes looks brown in dark places... but during the day it looks green! Its overall cute and my dog lOVES IT so much!! I put her in there and then she wouldnt get out hahah at 1st she didnt wanna go in and then she didnt want to leave, thats what marc does to all of us!!! hehehe . Ps i really love this forum you all are so sweet i am super happy to be apart of it :smile:
    turnlock.JPG turnlock 2.JPG
  2. So cute!
  3. I must admit that I keep my cats and dog away from my bags for fear that their claws would scratch my bags. But everytime I see a picture of a pet inside a bag, I just think it's soooo cute :love: !!! Thanks for posting pics and enjoy your bag!!
  4. Congrats! I love the Moss color!!
  5. Your dog is looks like she has nuzzled herself in the bag quite nicely. You may have to fight her for the bag, let us know who wins! :biggrin:
  6. Your pup is so cute, and the bag ain't bad either :drool:
  7. Adorable dog! And the color on your bag is gorgeous!
  8. Your dog is so precious!!!! I just wish I could get my little Shih Tzu to stay in bags. Maybe i'll just have to get her "her own" MJ to do the trick...:graucho:
  9. oh my god! So much cuteness! Your doggie and your purse are so cute!

    .....and is that a hollywood reporter magazine I spy?
  10. Awwww, that's so cute! Your puppy is so sweet! Great bag, too! CONGRATS!!!
  11. Too cute! Love the bag and the dog! Enjoy the bag...that is, when your dog isn't nestling in it!
  12. Aww, so cute! Congrats on your turnlock bowler!

    I just wish I could get my cat to climb into mine;)
  13. aww! ur pup is so cute! its all over now, she's had a taste of marc!! lol

    great bag too!
  14. cute! I like the color of the bag and the leather looks really nice :yes:
  15. Oh Amy!! Your doggie is sooo cute! She fits perfectly in your new bag. Love the color of the bag too!