My dog loves my gucci too!

  1. I was about to leave for work, and this is what i found. hehe, nuff said...
  2. aww adorable! ;)
  3. No teeth mark on the Princy????

    Cute dog!
  4. no teeth mark and no droooooooool
    when i took the bag away, he looked at me with "those" eyes
    Picture 022.jpg
  5. sooooooo darn cute!!! your dog looks sooo soft, i wanna pick him up!!!
  6. Very cute!
  7. aww, that's so cute!

  8. SO adorable!:p
  9. Aww, that is such a cute pic! :love:
  10. what a little fashionista!
  11. dog knows a good designer, lol
    cute doggie
  12. your dog know what is good..same as my when was younger he bite my first immpresion was..i'm going to kill him but later,,he show his puppy eyes...
  13. that soo cute...:yes::flowers:
  14. Awwwww...that is adorable!
  15. too cute.