My dog loves and wear Vuitton to (but hates flash)

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  1. Here's my little chubby pug, he has had a Vuitton leash and collar for the whole time I have had him.. look at that daaaark patina!

    Sorry for the first pic, he is a little bit scared of the flash on the camera :smile:

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  2. Ohh that is BEAUTIFUL...the patina is so yummy , like warm honey.
  3. Awww....that is just too cute!! I've been dying to get my dogs LV collars but they seem to think collars are chewtoys so untill they change their minds...
  4. I love pugs...what a cutie!! My 2 girls have Lv collars as well. I will take a pic of their patina...its DARK! I wish it would stay a bit lighter! I always think patina looks dirty when it reaches a certain shade. So, I end up buying them new collars like every 8 months. I usually switch between Coach and LV. Tha coach ones hold up so well and are so cute...but LV is LV!!! ;) I wish Gucci made collars! Anyway as soon as I get some caffeine in my body I will take a pic! Thank you fo sharing!!! Love your pup.

  5. Aaaw thanks sunshine!! I know he isn't the best looking 'supermodel' dog but he is soooo funny and charmes everybody .. who needs looks when you got personality right?? HAHA..

    I am pretty sure Gucci makes collars .. they also made this doggie bed, that was TO DIE FOR!! I saw it last year in Milan and Copenhagen stores, but didn't buy one..
  6. your dog is SOOO cute! i would get my dog that BUT something tells me she would chew it up (she's a lab)
  7. If you see a Gucci collar please let me know!! I have been looking for ages! Plus my girl are little...(one is 10 pounds, the other is 12) so they have to have xsmall!
  8. I will! :yes:
  9. OMG I love pugs, I adore cats, and pugs. Sooo cute!
  10. So CUTE!!
  11. Adorable pug!! The collar and leash are nice too. :graucho:
  12. Awwww he's so cute!!
  13. ohhhhh......he's too cute with LV on..i wish i had a dog :smile:
  14. Thanks ladies!! He is the a very stylish dog!! :graucho:
  15. your pug is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! i wanna dog now:nuts: