My dog Kramer and the Canadian Geese

  1. I had posted this on the Coach RAOK reveal thread/board but am coping and pasting to this thread, too. :yes: Kramer will no longer go on a boat ride without his Ducky toy!

    My buddy sent Kramer, my mini Schnauzer, the cutest little Mallard duck toy last week which I posted about... When we start packing to head to our lakehouse for the weekend, Kramer usually figures it out and he will grab toys and “pack” them in his kennel to bring. He’s pretty sharp!

    This last weekend, the ONLY toy that Kramer took was his new "Ducky."

    We went for a boat ride and of course Kramer comes along and usually brings a toy and this time he brought Ducky – leaving all his usual lake toys behind.

    As we ride around the lake on the boat, Kramer will jump up and watch people. He likes to bark at certain houses that have dogs or people... one area of the lake always has Canadian Geese in the water and on the land and Kramer is completely fascinated with them...

    I forgot to mention – at the house, we always have Canadian geese that will swim by and often times come up onto our beach. Kramer LOVES it when these geese come and we say “Kramer, the ducks are here!” and he’ll race outside to see them. We’ve always felt like he wants to play with them, and he never scares them off – instead, the geese will usually swim up to where he is standing on the dock and honk or occasionally “hiss” at him.

    Anyway, we’re on the boat cruising around and we come up to a ton of Canadian Geese in the water. This is what Kramer did:

    He grabs his Ducky toy, jumps onto a seat and watches the Geese for a little bit... then he dropped the toy into the water!!! :wtf: We scrambled to get the net to save the toy and get it back! A few moments later it occurred to us that Kramer was giving the “Ducks” his “Ducky” toy – we really think he was trying to become friends!

    Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but it was just amazing. He’s never done anything like that before.
  2. This past weekend, the "ducks" swam by and instead of going down the dock like Kramer usually does -- he ran into the water!!! That is the first time EVER that Kramer has run into the water!!

  3. Here he is a little while later -- the geese were heading his way and he ran to the end of the dock to greet them. Great rainbow in the pic, too -- it had just stormed:

  4. great pictures!! And how sweet is Kramer! I mean him sharing his toy -- or maybe he was trying to return his duck toy to the wild? Either way, thanks for sharing!!
  5. Haha! Maybe he was trying to return it to the wild! Never thought of that one...

    We have lots of feathered friends in the water at the lake - many varieties of ducks along with pelicans and swans... the Canadian Geese are the only ones he cares about. Each spring when the eggs hatch, we have a parade for a few days -- about every hour we'll see ducks marching the babies down to the water. I think they use our property because we have a beach -- everybody else has large rocks with a drop-off.

    Kramer ignores them all -- except for the geese.
  6. so cute
  7. awww what a cute story!! I love it! Kramer's a cutie!!
    Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  8. Great pics and a wonderful story. Kramer sounds like an awfully smart dog. Our dogs always tried to chase the Canadian geese away. We lived on a small lake and there were a lot of them.

    I love the part about Kramer "packing" his stuff--how cute is that?!
  9. Awww! That's so cute! Thanks for sharing this story & the pictures!

    Maybe Kramer was a goose in his past life! ;)
  10. aw, looks like hes having so much fun! :heart:
  11. What a heartwarming story with photos! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! Aren't doggies funny? Love them!!
  12. So cute!

    (Show us the Duck toy!)
  13. Here are some pics - thanks for the replies! (eta: the toy is a Mallard Duck but we call it Ducky and we call the Canadian geese Ducks)




  14. AWWW!!!

    (I love the name Kramer! My cat's name is Louis and sometimes we've taken to calling him Kramer because sometimes he'll make these Kramer-like head gestures.)
  15. Awwwe such great photos!! I LOVE schnauzers!!!! He's a cutie!!!