My dog keeps jumping in my LV luggage!!CAUGHT on camera!

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  1. Every time I pull out my LV mini mono luggage bag, my Chihuahua jumps in and just sits in it as if it was a carrier for her :confused1:. Maybe this is a sign from the LV gods to purchased the Sac Chien!! What do you think?

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  2. LOL how cute!!!! thats a major sign!!
  3. How Cute!!!!
  4. lol..sooo cute!
  5. [​IMG]

    Cutest pic ever! lol
  6. So precious!
  7. So cute.
  8. Your doggie has GREAT TASTE!! LOL...too bad my 1 month old Rottweiler is going to get way too big to jump in luggage! But right now he could!:love:
  9. OMG!
    What a great pic!
  10. How cute is that! Yes it's a sign, you should get the Sac Chien.

  11. Yes, in this picture, she was trying to go "covert op" and mask her identity by pulling over a Juicy hoodie to disguise herself should I catch her in the act!!!
  12. That's adorable! My bunny does the same with my (non-LV) luggage! I guess he knows I'm ditching him to go somewhere...
  13. She wants to be sure you take her with you!!!!!
  14. You're doggie is adorable! I think she's trying to tell you to purchase the Sac Chien, she's got great taste!
  15. OMG that doggy is so cute! I LOVE HER!!! :cutesy:

    Oh, and I love that bag too! Is it Mini Monogram Khaki TST?