My dog is wrecking my carpets! Not by pooping or pee either

  1. She's bleeding from her mouth. It started Saturday, I started noticing some drops of blood on the carpet. I thought maybe her paw was cut. The I noticed some blood on her itty bitty chin and realized it was coming from in there. Yesterday, we called our friend who is her vet and even though it was her day off she had me bring her over to her house. My dog is 12 and she apparently has some growths around her upper mouth that seem to be kind of raw and might be the cause of the bleeding but it was hard to be sure. If it continues she might have to remove them:wtf:. The bleeding doesn't seem as bad today, but I've used a TON of Nature's Miracle on my carpets!!

    Looks like I have to face reality that my "First Born" is getting old.:sad:
  2. i don't really know what to say, and there's probably not much anyway, that would make you feel better or ease the situation. just know that you're making your animal as comfortable and possible throughout it's life :yes: you and your lil friend are in my prayers. ;) not everyone ages gracefully hehe
  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear that! Hope your doggie gets better soon!
  4. Hope your dog gets better soon :smile:
  5. hope she get swell soon - did you your say that it might be an allergic reaction to something?
  6. oh, poor baby! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.
  7. we don't think it's an allergic reaction...She's on special food and I walk her so she doesn't get into anything. you never know though. I'm hoping it's healing, I will give it one more day before it's back to the vet. It doesn't seem to be as bad as before. (Keeping fingers crossed, carpet cleaner coming Friday). At least she doesn't seem to be in any pain.

  8. awww poor baby!! Hopefully it will heal on its own, but if not, I'm sure the vet can take care of it so she's not in any discomfort anymore.:heart: