My dog is sooo cute!!

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  1. Every year we get our dog a chanukah present. Tonite we gave her a new stuffy toy in the shape of a bear w/ a blue hat for chanukah. She is OBSSESSED w/ it. She keeps following everyone around w/ it and squeaking it to play. I swear she is even cuter then my kids sometimes. I wish I could get a pic...maybe later.
  2. Please take a pic. I can visualize what you described and it must be so funny. Does she squeak it while she's just holding it in her mouth? It's funny how they concentrate on a new toy like that.

    We had a dog who could use her paw on the handle of the bread drawer in the kitchen (it was a low drawer) to open it when she was hungry. We always said we would take a picture or video and we never did. It was really something.
  3. Pics! We love pics of pets as much as we love pics of bags..
  4. Aww it sounds so cute.
  5. I tried to take a pic last nite while she was sleeping w/ the toy right next to her head, but she woke up as soon as she realized I was there w/ the camera. She stood up grab the toy and started squeaking it.
    God, she's so darn sweet!
  6. Ok, got a pic...I swear I didn't pose her...she had her head on it when I walked in! How cute!! Her toys name is Mr. Bear and in the background is Mr. Kitty (we name all her toys Mr. ___). She knows each by name, she so's brilliant!

  7. :nuts: what a CUTIE!!!
  8. Beautiful picture, its funny how they love new toys. My Bloodhound Sydney, when ever he gets a new toy he runs around the house squeaking and showing everyone
  9. What a beauty!!
  10. Precious, precious, precious!
  11. Aww, that's so cute! A lovely story - thank you for sharing! :smile:
  12. That is so cute! It looks like she's guarding it--no one mess with Mr. Bear! Our pets add so much to our lives.

  13. Sooo cute!!
  14. Love the pic!
  15. so darling