My dog is sick and it doens't look good..

  1. ugh..:sad:
    our dog, the cutest sweetest silly-est dog is sick :sad:
    he always had a problem with eating and was sick more than our old dog but the last 2 weeks it really went wrong
    my parents were on holiday and i was alone with my BF and the dog
    the first few days he ate, but then he trew up and dind't wanted to eat again..
    he became so skinny (he is an 1,9 year old bernese mountain dog, a few weeks/months ago his weight was 39 kilos (to small!) and now it is just 32 kilo!)
    so yesterday my parents came back home and today they took Louis (the dog) to the vet
    he has a kidney problem, his kidney functions for 10% insted op 100%
    wednesday they have to go back to the vet but it isn't looking good
    ugh i feel so bad, our old dog died 2,5 years ago and i have cried months over it!
    i don't want to feel like that again, Louis means so much to me i love him so much!!

    i'm sorry for the long story and bad spelling but i feel awfull and i can't reach my BF..
  2. Hope he gets better!!
  3. awww I'm sorry you are going through this. Try to think positive, let us know what the vet says. *hugs*
  4. thanks guys!
  5. Sending you wishes for him to recover.
  6. best wishes to your doggy! let us know what the doc says..
  7. i'm so sorry, hope he recovers quickly! :heart: [[[[[ hugs ]]]]]
  8. I really hope it's not too late to help your dog. We had a dog with poor kidney function but it went undiagnosed for a long time.

    Wishing you all the best of luck!
  9. I'm so sorry, I hope things turn out ok! =(
  10. I am so sorry, sending prayers and positive thoughts to you!!
  11. :push: Hope everything turn out the best!

    Sending my support and positive thoughts!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that, hopefully he'll get better soon!
  13. I'm so sorry. I hope he gets better!
  14. I can imagine how painful this must be for you...
  15. Suz, I'm thinking of you. Having a sick pet is awful, particularly when you've lost another and grieved so much. I'm really hoping he gets better :heart: