My dog is missing!!! Heart broken!!!

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  1. Hi

    I am so heart broken and I know you can understand! On Wed. night my husband & I went away for the night b/c it was his 40th bday. Our friend watched our 2 kids. Anyway~ when we got home the next morning (yesterday) my dog was nowhere to be found!!!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    We have 2 dogs. Our 2 year old Boston terrier was home but our 12 year old Shih-Tzu named Billy wasn't!!! We went all over the neighborhood, called the shelter and posted signs. No luck!!!:crybaby:

    Our sitter said he doesn't remember seeing Billy except once after we left that evening. We think Billy ran out when he opened the door to let my son go outside to play. We always let Billy out but he always returns and he barks when he's at the door to come back in.

    I'm just so sad and there's nothing I can do for now. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what else I can do?

    The weird thing is that 2 years ago out Boston Terrier disappeared too. He was very sick~ 17 and near death. We think he wandered away from home to go pass. I heard that is a common thing for dogs to do. Billy was slowing down b/c he is getting real old but I don't think he was on his last leg. He hates to be alone too.:crybaby:
  2. Oh no big huge hugs!!!!!! I am sure that he will come home....he's probably just scared and wondering why he can't find his house.
    I know this is a stujpid question...but when one of my cats got out we found her a couple hours later cowering behind a bush. Have you checked behind bushes, garbage cans, under cars?? Sometimes they can sense the panic in your voice and may not come out because they think you're mad!
  3. Oh no!!! I am so sorry :crybaby:

    I hope you find your baby soon and that he is alright! I do believe that going away (or at least outside) of the home is a common thing for dogs to do. When my dog, Bear, was near the end (he got strangely sick one night) he did not want to come in the house. My dad ended up taking his bed outside on the porch for him and some food and water so he would be comfortable. Ahhhh, this is making me cry now :crybaby:

    I hope that you find him soon!!
  4. Oh no! :sad: I will pray for him to come home safely. Does he have tags on? Maybe a neighbor found him and took him in their house?
  5. Yes~ we checked everywhere. The basement, garage, under cars, walked all over, etc. We checked places we know he wouldn't be. Thanks for caring!:heart:
  6. OMG!!! That is just so sad!!!:crybaby:I'm thinking maybe Billy knew he was going to pass and went off somewhere~ I just don't know. He was my first dog. It's just that he doesn't like to be alone and that's what's most upsetting.
  7. No~ he didn't have tags on him~ and that is killing me!!! But I would think if someone found him they would call the shelter. I think all my neighbors know that Billy is our dog. Thanks for praying!!!:heart:
  8. Poor thing. I hope he comes back to you. One time both of my dogs got out of my yard because of landscapers leaving the gate open. I had went out and when I came back they were both gone. Trust me, you wouldn't of want to be the landscapers that day! Both of my dogs ended up at a neighbors house that had dogs. I was just so furious because my dogs are small and I worried about them getting hit by cars. I would go around the neighborhood and knock on every door. Someone might have him but not know how to contact you.
  9. Awww I'm so sorry....I hope that you find him soon! Have you put up flyers in your neighborhood or gone around and talked to the neighbors to keep an eye out for him. I'm sending big hugs your way, I wish there was more that I could do to help!
  10. I'm so sorry! You may want to call the vet offices near you in case someone finds him and brings him there. I guess you could try flyers too. I really, really hope he comes home soon... I'll be thinking of ya'll.
  11. oohhh...*hugs*. i totally relate- my ruby has been missing for a week.

    good luck finding him!
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. Did the babysitter looked stressed when you got home as if something was wrong or was he inferring that billy has to be in the house still since he didn't mention him missing after letting him outside? Once ours went missing for two weeks when we let her out to potty for 5 minutes. She was tiny and was always afraid to wander anywhere, but she did on this occasion. After hiring a "pet detective", a service that called every house in the area, and posting flyers, we were able to get her back. 12 years isn't that old, especially for a ****zu. I can't imagine her going somewhere to pass yet unless she had some problems already. I know how you're feeling and my heart goes out to you and your family, but please don't give up hope.
  13. WHAAAT!!!??? OH NO~~~. I am praying you will find him soon.. Everyone is giving you good advice in terms of what to do. You just have to keep doing it daily. Don't give up!!!
  14. Ohhh, How awful, this gave me goose bumps. I hope you find your doggie asap! That is soo sad that he would leave to pass away....hopefully that is not what he went to do, and you WILL find him soon....
  15. I'm so awfully sorry! I know you are heartbroken. Have you posted signs in your neighborhood? Also, you can notify the Humane Society in your county so they can call you if your baby turns up there. I'd still call them daily to inquire, just in case.

    You can also post something on Craig's List and

    I hope your baby gets back to you safe and sound.