My dog is losing her mind, maybe separation anxiety?

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  1. So my boston terrier is 4 yrs old. She used to chew and scratch large holes in the walls when she was younger and then stopped. Well all of a sudden she started making holes in the walls again, only this time in my new house! Nothing in her life has recently changed except that I'm 14 wks pregnant (and she's only been doing the holes again for about 1 week). We moved here almost a year ago, so its not a new environment, she's still getting tons of attention and exercise. She only does it when I leave her home with my other 2 dogs (they have their own room all together for when I'm not home). Otherwise shes an angel, but has always been EXTREMELY attached to me. She won't even let someone other than me hold her leash and I'm not allowed to close the bathroom door or she moans like a baby. I have tried crating her and this causes her extreme stress, so its not really an option... What would cause this, separation anxiety, vitamen problems, my pregnancy?
  2. I don't know what has set this off again, and I don't mean to be rude but it sounds like she gets her own way quite a bit. So what if she moans when you close the bathroom door? And if someone else holds her leash she may not like it but again, so what, it's not going to hurt her? It sounds to me like her anxious behaviour is being rewarded. There is a deeper problem looming here and I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ but what if she "won't let you" attend to your baby? I think that there are going to be huge jealousy issues with her and if I were you I would seek the help of a professional trainer.
  3. she might be jealous... i'm assuming your focus has shifted from her to your baby, and she might feel threatened. my tibetan terrier becomes incredibly destructive when he feels he's not the center of attention. you might need to speak to her vet about this. =/
  4. I hope you don't see this as beating up on you, but I do agree that some sort of obedience/behavioral training is in order as well. If there is nothing wrong with her physically, that would be my guess. I believe I have read that dogs can sense things too, esp. pregnancy. I had a friend w/ a **** tzu and he did something along the lines of your dog- he began to flip out on her and became extremely agitated when she was pregnant- it was like he knew and was not pleased. He had the same routine as well. She was not a good owner and gave the dog to her parents, instead of deal with it. It is possible you've shifted some energy/time to the pregnancy and she is aware of this as well.
  5. I agree about the bathroom door (you don't sound at all rude) and most times she just moans a couple of times till I come out. The leash thing is harder, because she hunches her back in fear and won't move. Its really sad for me and anyone who is trying to walk her, because you can see she is in true fear. I agree its a deeper problem and I know its things I'm doing or did in the past that probably caused it. Maybe I babied her too much, she was a gift from my husband and has meant the world to me ever since I got her. As far as the coming (human) baby, when it comes we'll deal with it. She is very sweet and is used to sharing me with my other 2 dogs, so I think she'll be ok. I was thinking of hiring a trainer myself, I was also thinking of calling the vet about the wall chewing. The wall chewing/scratching is my big problem, the other things don't bother me but I assume they are part whatever anxiety she is experiencing.
  6. I'm still pregnant and don't think I'm acting different(besides being tired), but I know a pregnant woman has a different scent to a dog. So I think it could be my scent...:shrugs:
  7. I wish I had a definite answer for you. What the others have said is very good advice--a trainer will help with specific behaviors. Dogs are more sensitive than we realize--to our health, moods, etc. I'm sure she's picking up on something big is about to change her world. Most dogs don't like change.

    Good luck with your dog and best wishes on your pregnancy.
  8. Not as much advice here as I expected based on other similar threads, but we figured out some remedies. I have a trainer coming over Monday to give advice and maybe start working with her. I am also fixing the wall asap and putting plexiglass up around the entire perimeter of the dog room. It will be ugly but thats the only room she chews in because she's in there whenever I'm not home. I love this little dog so much, and feel guilty because more than likely her behavior is directly/indirectly my fault.
  9. Please don't feel guilty. It's very obvious how much you love her and when they are as gorgeous as she is, it's easy to let them have their own way. I'm sure that with the trainer's help, you can get her behaviour sorted out and you will all be much happier. Good luck.:flowers:
  10. Have you tried DAP? It's a synthetic hormone that is like a scented plug-in that is supposed to calm dogs that have separation anxiety.
  11. Who gives it to you, the vet? I would be interested in checking it out for sure. I know my vet is super cauious about giving anything that calms my dogs because of their flat faces, he says it can be risky w/ flat faced dogs breathing.