My dog is jealous of my bags!

  1. On Saturday I took all of my bags out of their dust bags and propped them on the couch. I was arranging them and taking pictures when my dog Pearl walked up and sat down in front of the couch. She was jealous that I was paying more attention to the bags than her. :love: So here is what happens when you pet your bags more than your dog...


  2. hahahah!!! Her expression in the first pic is priceless, she has that "me! me! me!" look. tooo cute.
  3. awww did you totally give her a bunch of hugs and kisses and snuggles afterwards?!
  4. Awww how cute!
  5. awww what a sweetheart! just make sure she's not mad at your bags:nogood:
  6. Cute pictures!!
  7. awww so cute =]
  8. Awwwe, how cute!
  9. You should frame those!!! They are priceless!!!
  10. Adorable little guy!
  11. LOL! My dogs do that too when I'm paying attention to something else and not them. I'll be on the computer and my dog jumps right up onto the desk and sits there looking at me until I get off.
  12. Oooooh, she looks pissed off! I wouldn't mess with her. She might decide to teach you a lesson and chew up your bags!
  13. You have a lovely collection of handbags, but Pearl, OMG, she's the most gorgeous girl!
  14. Pearl always nudges my arm when I'm at the computer, trying to break my hand away from the mouse and onto her!

    :yes: Of course! I wouldn't want her to take it out on my bags. :sweatdrop:
  15. That is just too much! She really has an expressive face and seems to be saying, "Great bags, but what about meeeee?"