My dog is eating her blanket...advice

  1. My dog is eating her blanket and it's showing up in her stool. I have put stuff in her cage to keep her occupied, but it doesn't help much and I don't want her choking on that. I have been looking up "chew proof" beds, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their dog and what you did to take care of the problem.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. is she stressed out? has anything changed in her daily routine?

  3. No, she has been doing this for over a month now. Her routine is pretty much the same.
  4. Does she have chew toys?
  5. Of course.
  6. Sorry. Had to ask. Just trying to help. Gotta' eliminate all possibilities.

    Has she had a dental check up lately?

    (oh and I hope you have taken the blanket away)
  7. Have you considered a kuranda bed?
    It's perfect for dogs who chew fabric beds. My dogs think it's rather comfy. I don't have it in their crate, but I have one in my office, and they will choose that over a hard floor.:smile:
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    Yes, I have taken the blanket away. I feel bad for her not having one though...

    She just had a check up and everything was normal besides her feet (that's another story).
  9. I found a site that sells beds like that. We have been looking at them. :smile:
  10. Maybe something smelled good on the blanket.

    When you said you put stuff in her "cage" do you mean she is kept in a cage for long periods of time? If so, she may be chewing the blanket from stress. Dogs need lots of exercise and ways to burn off energy so chewing the blanket may have been a way of releasing that energy if she was in a cage.
  11. Don't feel too bad,:smile: they really don't need it, and the alternative to not taking away could lead to a fatal outcome.
    My vet displays a video in his waiting room of a surgery he did to remove a sock from a dog's intestine. You're lucky the pieces are moving out without any problems because an intestinal blockage is painful for the dog and expensive for the dog owner.
  12. Yes, I am glad that they're passing. I want to avoid a vet visit if I can.

    I ordered the bed that is chew proof...hopefully that works!
  13. Sometimes chewing can be a sign or boredom or stress. If it happens whilst your out of home perhaps you could consider leaving a kong packed with nibbles. Distraction.