My dog hides from me (under the bed)

  1. Hello- I am new to posting on the animal forum (I am a frequent visitor of the purse/wardrobe forums) but I have an issue with my corgi. I think I love her too much.
    Silly, I know but I have always been very "hands on" with my pets. I like to pick her up, play with her, etc and now it has gotten to the point when I walk towards her, she runs and hides under the bed.

    I would never do anything to hurt her, so she can't be fearful of me.

    What should I do? Has anyone else had this problem?

    I guess I was used to my Pekingese (who died last August). She liked to be on your lap, be held etc.

  2. Maybe she feels like she is being bothered or just doesn't want to play when you want to? Possibly just a coincidence. Just like ppl, I think some animals need alone time. Has anything changed in her daily routine? How long have you had the dog?

    If she is acting okay otherwise, maybe give her some space? If other things are off or you are very worried, maybe a trip to the vet? I know animals will hide or go into quiet places if they don't feel well.
  3. I think a trip to the vet couldn't hurt. Maybe you have touched a sensitive area that might be injured? Tell the vet whats going on and he/she should be able to help you out. Otherwise, you could be just handling her too much. Not all dogs like to be fussed/played with too much. Take your cue from her. Let her come to you and praise her when she does vocally and with gentle scratches under her chin or on the top of her head - fight the urge to pick her up or hug her. Dogs generally do NOT like being hugged.
  4. She has a good energy level, she is eating regularly and otherwise social with our other dog and our cat. Maybe she "just isn't that into me" ;). Seriously though, I will try to give her some space and see if that makes her want to come around more...
  5. It might be the breed. Corgis are a little independant, different than a Pekingese. I don't think it's anything you've done, you just have to get used to this breed. Take the long walks, it worked for Queen Elizabeth (she breeds them).
  6. is she hiding hiding or could it be playfulness? my yorkie won't come to me when i call her. instead she runs and hides under a chair or behind a door, but i can tell she's just doing it because she wants me to chase her and she's trying to be playful. does she hide all the time or only occasionally? i know how worried you must be, it's so hard because pets can't speak.

    plus for some reason my dog's just more into my mother than she is into me.
  7. That's funny, my husband does this too.

    Just kidding. Looks like you have gotten some great advice, also maybe google some sites that have tips for these type of issues.
  8. Did she ever have a traumatic experience of being dropped or slip out of someones arms? You can allways turn picking her up into a very positive experience with high value treats, going for a walk, play time, etc.
  9. So, she didn't have a problem with you originally then suddenly developed this phobia? Was she a puppy when you were able to handle her, but changed as she grew up? My mother in law had a corgi, and although friendly, he'd nip if you tried to hug or pick him up. Not sure if this is common for that breed.
  10. she might be feeling bad, that's something that they would do if they're hurt might be a good idea to just take her to vet for a quick checkup.

    she also might have been traumatized somehow...

    I would start by slowly coming toward her, and once she starts moving away to respect her space and let her do that....speak softly to her at all times..and do this little by little until u can get near her without her wanting to run away...then I would give her a treat. The worse thing I think is to chase her down and make her be with you..since it might aggravate the situation more. I'm not sure if it'll work with dogs, since I haven't any experience doing this with dogs, but it did work with my Chinchilla.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I have had her since she was a puppy. I am not sure if she is trying to be playful or not...I can't tell as strange as that sounds. When I get home in the evenings, she is always jumping up on my and trying to give me "kisses". She is always so excited for the first 5 minutes I am home. I think I may just come on a little strong w/ my affection.
  12. I just remembered I used to have a friend that had a roomate with a corgi mix. When you would go and try to play with her, she would hide under the bed but would wag her tail the whole time when you were trying to get her out. :shrugs:
  13. Skyqueen and Bagnshoo have given you great advice. Please listen toit. Corgis are hunting dogs, while the Pekingnese was bred to be a companion.
    It doesn't sound to me like your dog was traumatized. It just sounds like she isn't a cuddler. So maybe just leaving her be and letting her come to you is the answer. As a general rule, don't go looking for zebras when all you see are horses.
  15. My spoiled little boston terrier doesn't really like me to pick her up if my pugs are in the room. She doesn't like them jumping on her, so she'll run from me if they are anywhere near. Otherwise she loves being held. So maybe there is some wierd doggie reason for your corgi's behavior, it took me a long time to figure out what was going on with my boston running from me.