My dog has to wear a lampshade!!!

  1. My puppy got spayed today and the vet put one of those lampshade collars around her neck so she dont lick the stiches. I just picked her up and she looks so groggy and miserable. Poor thing. :crybaby:
  2. Aww! poor baby! She's probably still tired from the medicine too!
  3. Aw, I hate it when they have to wear those but better than tear at the stitches, hope she will be better soon!
  4. Our dogs always hated those things. It's better than them fussing with stitches, though.
  5. I wonder why some vets do dogs never had to wear them.
    Hopefully it wont have to be on long.
  6. Not all dogs tear at their stitches, I might take it off her and watch her like a hawk. If she goes for them, put it back on.
  7. Your puppy will be up and running soon, if the bucket bothers you, do what Irish said and see how it goes..

    My cat had one last year, he was not impressed, was old and grumpy as it was and when he came home with that thing around his neck, he just sat there with this:"is this some kind of joke"-look, had to laugh at him..:smile:
  8. Mine is wearing one because he is scratching at his ears. I laid it out on our table and painted flower petals on it so he looks like a daisy-we laugh our butts off.
  9. I agree, also you do not need it on when you are lead walking him. These things are awful they can get all wet under their chin which makes them soar
  10. awww, my dog had to wear a BIG cone because she was biting her tail. She could get her tail around the smaller size and still chew it. I stopped making her wear it though because she has back problems and I think it is what caused her to fall out of the bed and make her back flare up. I put some stickers on it though when she was wearing it.

    Does your dog have the soft or the hard cone? My dog also had to wear a soft cone when she had an abscess removed, but luckily that was enough to keep her from the wound.

    She could pretty much run around and do anything in it once she got used to it. I think now though her vision isn't as good and it messed up her perception of where she was on the bed at night.
    SophieVictorback3.jpg bigconebonehand.jpg bigconeside.jpg
  11. I understand--I hate it when my dogs have to wear those cones!

    My late Border Collie cross wore one on two occasions, and both times, she used it to her advantage. She would get the other dogs out of her way by waving the cone from side to side as though it were a pair of tusks! It worked--they saw her coming with that cone, and away they went! I think she was hoping to annoy us all enough to get us to remove the cone. She was a loveable, crazy girl!
  12. aww poor baby! they look so funny in those cones sometimes cracks me up!! like the pic of Zophie's furbaby, on her bf's back :lol:
  13. Here are the pics from when my poor baby girl got spayed and since with the girls they really have to cut their tummies she kept licking it soo haha these were her moments of misery!
    can you tell by her face she wanted to kill me!? She pretty much lay like this all day for 3 days :sad:

    I know how you feel haha its like you feel so bad but you know its best for them and every once in a while its kinda funny!!!!

  14. AWWW thanks guys you all made me feel so better esp the pics. I will post some later. The poor thing still isnt herself yet :s
  15. my cat has had those a couple of times, and she always goes into this apathic mode where she feels sooo sorry for herself and actually lets us hug and cuddle with her. As soon as she's out of it though, she'll be back to her same old.