My dog has Serious Seperation Anxiety - Help!!

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  1. Some of you might remember that I posted a while back about how my puppy is always wet when I come home from leaving her in the crate. Well, she's definately licking herself out of anxiety. Thank God she's not chewing on herself like some dogs!

    She freaks whenever I leave the house even when other people are home. Scratching and jumping on the door, having accidents, barking at others. Nothing she would ever do when I'm home b/c I'm the alpha dog. I've had dogs all my life and after talking to several trainers I know I haven't done anything to foster this behavior. I don't make a big thing about leaving, I make sure she's exercised before she goes in the crate, I am very consistent, yadam yada yada!!

    My name is Shushopn and my dog is neurotic.
  2. Well babe-I gave you my tips. How about making a tape recording of your voice for her to be played while you are gone?

    you said you don't want to try any of the homeopathic stuff because she is so young and she isn't going for the smelly t-shirt bit-maybe hearing your voice?
  3. I just wanted to offer my support! Vet or trainers didn't have any ideas? Any chance you can leave her with a distraction in her crate? Like a baby kong filled with peanut butter? Maybe giving her a puzzle where she has to get a biscuit out of or thing to focus on will help?

    My golden is 40lbs now and has the whole kitchen as a crate when we leave. I put a biscuit under a frisbee when I leave.. so she has to figure out how to get the biscuit out from under it... it totally distracts her while I put up her baby gates and exit the house. I also sometimes hide biscuits in her toy box or under a rope toy... so me leaving means its treasure hunt time!

    *Big hugs* that you can both get through this ok!
  4. Ialways give her a stuffed kong and a toy...stuffed w/ frozen peanut butter so it lasts a while but no help. The trainers felt that I might need to get a behaviorist in and even then sometimes the only thing that helps is medication. I don't want to have to do that.
  5. Wow! Really just don't beat yourself up, you are doing all the right things from the sounds of it. What breed is your pup?
  6. When my puppy was like that i used to leave her the tv on and a shirt of mine,also some toys.
  7. She's a coon hound mix from a shelter. I know, I've done all that stuff - tv, shirt, toys, music. Ugh!
  8. Do you absolutely have to leave her on a crate? How big is the crate?
  9. When you get some answers, Karen, let me know. Two weeks ago Gracie started the SAME THING!!! We've had her since January and nothing at all has changed about our routine, but now I come home and sometimes she's SOAKED from the drool. She was doing better this week, but when I went home at lunch.......ick. Doggie slobber is one thing, but a flood of it is GROSS!! Not to mention she's obviously very, very upset to be carrying on like this. I dunno...... :shrugs:
  10. I think I suggested previously, leaving her in the laundry on her bed. Did you give that a try?
  11. The crate is one of those metal wire ones that you can adjust the space as she grows. she's supposed to only have enough room to lay down and turn around which is the way it is and was w/ my last dog who wasn't neurotic.

    We tried leaving her in the kitchen w/ gates but she still flipped and even knocked stuff over.
  12. Low dose of paxil seems to help some dogs. I know you don't want to do that but if it helps, you might consider it. Plus, it might not be forever, if the dog experiences less of a physiological reaction due to the meds, the dog may "learn" that you leaving is not so bad, and you could titrate off the meds and perhaps things would be OK.
  13. Yeah, I hear you Irish...I may have to go that route. Just bought 3 books to read on this kind of thing. If it doesn't get me anywhere I'm off to the vet. I gotta tell you, I know dogs - had them since I was 2. I know what I'm doing so it's upsetting to me that I can't make her calm and happy. When she's at the dog park she's happy. When she's w/ me (which is always unless I'm at work) she's happy, otherwise she's distraught. She's people shy too unless they own a dog, so that's also trying. I make everyone that comes over sit on her level and hold out treats and not stare directly at her to make it a pleasant experience for her. She's a little over 5 months and I hate to see her when she's a mess b/c I'm so madly in love w/ her.

  14. My dog was like that in the beginning, but he grew out if it. It took awhile, I think he was around 1-11/2 when it finally stopped.
  15. Could this be a trait of the breed? Is that a possibility? Some breeds are more "anxious" than others.