My Dog Has Fleas

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  1. my dirty dog has fleas..poor thing is itching and scratching all day.
    we gave her flea medicine last week. took her to the groomers last weekend..but she still has fleas..
    besides washing her again..anything else I should do? :shrugs:

  2. Use Advantage or Frontline. It works great.
  3. You should be using the flea medicine, but did your doctor give you any antibiotics for it? My vet gave my dog antibiotics and told me to use the flea medicine afterwards.
  4. Oh, Poor doggie!

    I don't have any advice, but I do have a related question...

    My kitten has been scratching her neck w/ her hind leg occasionally for the past few days... I have been wondering if she could have fleas too, or whether this is just natural behavior?
  5. thx girls!!
    Irishgal and Elong: we used k9 advantix last week.I don't think I can use it again until next month? those fleas are stubborn!!!

    SS: if the cat is scratching a lot more than usual..then you might want to look for fleas...just in case.
  6. Did the vet give you antibiotics to stop the scratching though?
  7. no..i didn't take her to the vet...I was busy catching fleas on her..:sad:
  8. You need to take her to the vet. The vet can give you something for her to stop scratching and kill the fleas.
  9. Your kitty might have ear mites as well, kittens seem to be really prone to them. Check her ears and see if they seem to have a waxy buildup and see if she seems reluctant to have you poke around by them (of course, she might just be skittish in general when you play with her ears). I had a kitten with ear mites once and she scratched a lot around her neck and ears. It's a super quick fix though, just take her to the vet and they'll douse her with some medicine and she'll be feeling better immediately.
  10. good idea..!! I'll see if I can take her in tomorrow...
  11. spiralsnowman and I need to go to the vet together!!
  12. We use Frontline on our pets and it works great...never a flea on them, but I'm wondering if maybe the fleas and their eggs might be hiding in your house somewhere (carpet?) and reinfecting your dog? Just a thought, as I can't think of anything else. Good luck to you and your pup!
  13. thank you!!!

    washed that dog last night and put more k9 adventix on. she looks a lot better. very true about the carpet though..
  14. You need not only to do the dog but also the cat, and also spray the whole house, carpets, wash dog bedding etc. Its a pain but nearly all dogs get fleas it does not mean they are dirty. Its best to get flea treatment from the vets its the best in my opinion their is. Frontline is excellent but like I said its no good just doing the dog everything needs to be done.
  15. if I have read correctly ... kitty and doggy are in 2 different homes. But just a general warning for everyone don't make the mistake of using dog flea control on a kitty. This is toxic!! It can kill the kitty! And does quite often. Also never put ANY flea control on little kittens. again toxic. And if you have mutiple cats it's a good idea to seperate them when you put flea control on. Because they lick and grrom each other. I have worked at a vet clinic and I have seen the first 2 situations happen and it is sad. I have never seen a cat come in from licking it off another cat. That is just my own cautioness!

    As for the CARPETS, my mom told me a hint and I have used it (along with monthly flea control) and have only seen 2 fleas in my house in 3 years !! And one was tonight. :wtf:

    But, it is called Borax. You can get it at Walmart. it is a salt based soap. It is in with the Tide and stuff but it isn't really soap. It is basically salt in a box. It was originally made in the 1800's and I think it was for when they actually washed each item of clothes by hand!

    ANYWAY!!!! You sprinkle it in your carpet. Wait an hour or so and vacuume it up. Of course you will never get all of it up. And I have never felt it on my feet. But, fleas cannot live in the salt. i don't know if they die or just get the heck out of your house. But they go quick! I also have beds for my dogs and I sprinkle just a little inside the bed. I don't know if it works but I HATE fleas and I feel better doing it.

    I bet if you google the words Borax and fleas you will find just how to use it.