My dog had a bad seizure this morning

  1. He hasn't had one in awhile, and he's taking phenobarbitol for the seizures.....we were supposed to go to my inlaws tonight for one night (they're about 2hrs away), so I don't know if we should go

    I feel so bad for the little guy...he's a lab mix....this of course happened this morning, after we just came back from the vet last night with my other dog

    the seizure lasted a full minute, and he foamed at the mouth pretty badly.....I almost feel like stress sets him off, my other dog snapped at him yesterday pretty badly and then he walked around w/his head down and separated himself from the rest of us

  2. Awe. My dog that just passed used to get seizures about twice a year. She didn't have to be on medication. It would last about 2-3 minutes when she had them, then she was fine. I would just hold her until it subsided. She never foamed at the mouth though. Are you taking your doggie with you?
  3. awww... poor thing. i dont have any experience with dogs with seizures, but I hope he will be okay.

    <hugs> for you and your dog
  4. we're debating whether to go or not, I guess we'll see how he does during the day

    seizures suck because there's nothing you can do about them....

    sorry about your dog, that must have been hard
  5. I have heard that other dogs will attack the dog having the seizure. If you go and leave him home tonight make sure he is separated from the other dogs. Hopefully this won't happen again for a very long time.
  6. I'm sorry to hear this :sad:. I don't know much about seizures in dogs, but I think if it were me, I would stay home tonight and baby him. Even if you bring him along, it might be a stressful event, as any break from the normal routine makes a dog anxious. Good luck and please let us know how he is feeling.
  7. I'm so sorry. My dog was having seizures because of food she was eating. We were feeding her Iams. We switched back to Purina and she hasn't had one since. The the vet ever do an MRI to see what were causing the seizures?
  8. oh yeah, MRI, and many other tests, because he may have polycythemia vera....making too many red blood cells....about once a month he has to go the vet to get more fluids and get rid of some RBC's....

    i swear, our dogs are preparing us for kids in the future
  9. My poodle had seizures. I tried giving her phenobarbitol, but it never seemed to make a difference. She's just have one every once in a whlie and I'd hold her until it passed. Then she'd usually throw up and be fine like it never happened. She also seemed to know when it was about to come on becuase she'd run up to me and get really close all of a sudden. Other than making sure she never ran into anything while she had a seizure and seeing how awful it was to see her have one, it really wasn't a bad thing. Check with your vet if you're unsure though.
  10. I hope your dog is OK. That must be scary for a dog to go through that.