My dog Gucci is truly a knucklehead!!

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  1. I've mentioned in the past that she is a goat that loves to eat sticks and dirt. Well, after coming in from outside yesterday I noticed she was making faces as if something was caught in her mouth. I couldn't see anything but since she kept looking insane I kept checking her mouth. Finally, I looked up at the roof of her mouth and there was a perfectly sized stick lodged across the top of her mouth everso perfectly. I was amazed that she was able to make it the perfect length to fit in so well. Maybe she's not as dumb as I think!
  2. OMG, did you have any trouble dislodging it?

    Is Gucci OK now?

    My dogs eat far too many sticks. :hrmm:
  3. She's totally fine...thank God she didn't swallow it and get it lodged in her throat that way. It really was sooo strange how it fit in there.
  4. Thank god she's oki! She probably only picks branches that fit in her mouth.

    My puppy has a problem with eating dirt too. She loves to eat like leaves and any type of grass she finds in our yard. When she looks up you can see her whole front mouth covered in dirt and she'll look at you with an innocent face like "what? I didn't eat any dirt." LoL.
  5. that will amke my day...:roflmfao: i would not even scold the dog:P
  6. Shu I was just thinking about you! Glad that Gucci did not swallow the stick!
  7. It's really too cute, she did the same thing with snow. I should take a picture with her face covered in dirt. Puppies, they do the craziest things.
  8. Gucci does the same thing w/ dirt...she even has it all over her nose and then acts all innocent.
  9. that is SO weird, the same thing happened to my dog Gracie a few years ago! we couldn't figure out what was going on with her, she was pawing at her face and acting like there was something in her mouth-- we finally figured it out and got it out, but it was really lodged in there, i have no idea how she did it
  10. I am going away for a week starting tomorrow and am boarding her at the Petsmart hotel until Wed. then my next door neighbor is going to take her until we get back the following Sat. I have soooo much angst - I've never left her before and she's soooo attached to me. I willl miss her soo much. I just love what a sweet goof ball she is.
  11. Sounds like my brother's dog. She will put anything in her mouth: sticks, leaves, flowers, rocks, screws, washers, CDs, remote controls, plastic bottles, foam. You name it, that dog will put it in her mouth.
  12. Just be careful with the stick chewing. When I was working as a vet tech, we saw several dogs that came in with sticks lodged in their upper pallette. The sticks had to be surgically removed.
  13. So cute! This made me smile today!