My Dog Died...and My Dad Forgot to Call Me About It

  1. So my dog of 15 years, Tess, died last week. And my father didn't bother to call my sister or I to tell us. My sister got a call today (finally) and I found out when she told me.

    I'm really upset about my dog dying, even though it was her time. She had cancer and she let everyone know when it was time for her to go. But I'm just as upset at my dad for not telling me either. It seems a little careless. I grew up with her in my house since I was 8 years old, and she was just as much my dog as his, even though I haven't lived at home for quite a while.

    So yeah, I'm upset and...I don't know. I figure animal lovers would understand. :crybaby:
  2. Awwwwwwwwwww I am soo sorry:crybaby:

    My thoughts are with you:heart::heart::flowers::flowers:
  3. Awe so sad. But know that your doggie is not suffering anymore.
  4. Was your dad trying to spare you the pain maybe? Either that or your dad didnt realise what the dog meant to you.

    I had a cat as a child and since I left home the cat's personality has changed. She has had a lump under her throat (been there for months and months) and my mum keeps putting off taking her to the vet - which makes me really sad.

    I hope you feel better soon - :flowers:
  5. Ohhh.. Hugs.. U must be terribly sad. Im sure even if u dun see ur dog everyday u must still love it and miss it a lot.. Myabe ur father do not understand. He tot u moved on with ur life, the dog doesnt matter that much to u..
  6. Aww, Giraffe I'm so sorry to hear that. Of course you're's definitely not nice to find out so long after the event. Sometimes dads don't really think these things through (I'm speaking from experience!), but I'm sure if he thought about how much you would be affected by it he would have called you straight away.

    Sending big hugs! It's really tough saying goodbye to long-time pets... :crybaby:
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your regards. :heart:
  8. Thanks everyone. :smile:
  9. Oh that's terrible. I'm so sorry for your loss :sad:
  10. I'm sorry. That totally sucks. Maybe he just didn't know how to tell you.
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope you feel better.
  12. Huggs I'm sorry for your loss. :flowers:
  13. Oh gosh ... I am so sorry for your loss ... just take in the comfort that she is no longer suffering :flowers:
  14. Jen I am soooo sorry for your loss :crybaby::crybaby:

    ***BIG HUGS*** and give Izzie lots of hugs
  15. i'm sorry hugs*