"My dog did the cutest thing..."

  1. What's YOUR story?

    I was cleaning up today when I noticed a big red smear across my little dogs face. I have 3, but she's the smallest, a mix with a white face. I was worried she got into something but before I could check it out I hugged her to comfort her (or me, maybe) and put my face right into hers... on the side...

    And thats when I realized my dog's red face was from my lipstick!! :p I haven't been wearing dark colours until lately with the new red craze started again, so I had never seen her little mug with red on it.

    What has your puppy or kitten done that was so cute you had to tell someone but might have been a little embaressed? Tell us so I won't feel so embaressed now LoL :rolleyes:
  2. Too cute! Wonder if she'll be trying out your eye shadow and perfume next? LOL!
  3. OMG as long as I gave her the boxes, she'd be JUST as happy LoL :p :heart:
  4. teehee .. That's pretty cute. :smile:
  5. This is embarrassing but still pretty cute:
    My puppy Sophie was in the groomers getting her nails clipped (I never leave her I always go with her and tell her how pretty she is so she doesn't get scared) ANYWAYS, when she was done she was sooo happy to get back into my arms again she peed on the floor and a little on my jeans. It was so cute because of how happy she was to see her mommy, but I still walked out with pee on my leg!!

    HEHE still love her to pieces, I don't think there is much she can do that I would be upset about!
  6. My pet Chewy was chasing after a fly. I saw him open his mouth and quickly closed it when the fly was in his mouth already. With his mouth closed, he just stood there with only his ears twitching. This went on for around 10 seconds, and when he finally opened his mouth, the fly flew out! :roflmfao:
  7. Ella is only 10 weeks old so we are still trying to master the housetraining thing. Funny thing she does - if she has an accident and poops in the house - she barks at it. I mean growls and barks at it. It is absolutely hilarious and I have to laugh at her.
  8. ^^ LMAO

    We had a Bischon once who got into a Bakery box of pastries on the dining room table... when we all got to it later that day we all blamed each other and wondered who the "pig" was that could eat multiple pastries like croissants, eclairs, and cruellers in one sitting! After a while I sat down at the couch and rested my arm on a pillow... it went * squish * and I picked it up to find 2 eclairs and a bears claw underneathe!! Someone had his them there then delicately dragged the pillow over them so she could go back later!

    Only ONE of our dogs was this sneaky so I went looking for her, only to find her hiding under a table with a snouth covered in cream!!

    Needless to say, my entire family had to give her 007 credit for that one :roflmfao:
  9. My doxie came upstairs to my office (I telecommute) and wanted to sit on my lap during a conference call, then promptly fell asleep and was snoring so I had to put the phone on mute.
  10. ^^^ omg such cute stories.

    Well my Doggie Tamaki she loves to lick the water of the shower. so you see her tongue in and out of the door. Well one day i always start the shower and leave the door open to get a towel , soap etc whatever i need, as i left the shower and came back i Saw Maki Inside the shower licking the shower water. I thought it was the funniest and cutest thing in the world . I ended up taking her a shower.
  11. my puppy Milo has started this "game" that he really gets a kick out of...when i brought him home he ran a few laps around the house then he discovered he could run underneath the bed with no trouble... for about 3 weeks straight when it was time for bed and he had to go to his crate he would run under the bed and bark...to get him out we'd have to close the bedroom door...well apparently Milo doesn't understand he's a growing boy...about 4 days ago he ran into my room and tried to go under the bed...and we heard a loud "thud" sound lol...he bumped his head...he's too tall to just run underneath now...he has to lay down and "scoot" under the bed...since it takes him so long now its easy to just pick him up...People-1 Doggy-0 lol
  12. Lucy (Lulu) LOVES her crate. It's her castle and best toy. She would somehow wrap herself up in her blankets and sit in her crate on her stomach and use her paw to punch the crate doors. It will swing open then close, because it's not locked she would punch it again and it'll open and close. So she would just sit there for hours no end just hitting the crate door and it'll just open and close, open and close and gradually it'll get faster and faster until she gets so excited that she starts barking and basically tossing around inside her crate. The crate isn't that big so you can see the whole thing move.

    I have so many videos of her doing it, I'll try to get it on the computer. It's freakin' hilarious!!

    P.S Lucy is a purebred white Maltese.