My dog cocoa and my daughter "pics"

  1. Well I haven't talked about my Jack Russel/Pug Cocoa since she was a baby when I first got her. She is in the "show me your pets thread". Well today I was on Purse Forum as usual, and Cocoa and my 3 year old Amaya was in the living room playing. They were being rambunctious as always when they are playing.They always chase each other. Well they got quiet after a while. I said wait whats going on:confused1: They are probably up to something. Well I go in the living room, they are both sleeping on the couch. It was the cutest thing:shame: I had to take pictures, but of course Cocoa woke up when she heard me. Them two are the best of friends. Cocoa is soo protective of my daughter. She's about 6 months old now.
    cocoa&mya.jpg cocoa&mya2.jpg
  2. That's just the cutest ever! Love how Cocoa's paws are on the blanket over your daughter. Watching over her lol! Thanks for posting.;)
  3. Aww. That's so adorable.
  4. PRECIOUS!!! I LOVE THAT PIC!!!:smile: :smile: :smile:
  5. That is so cute!!!
  6. so cute
  7. So cute!!
  8. OK, that is just too precious!
  9. Too cute!!
  10. So adorable.
  11. Aaaawwwww!!
  12. owwwww